Slimming World Week 5 Weigh In

Last week after my 1 lb gain I was determined to stay on plan and as syn free as possible to boost my weight loss this week and get the 4.5 lb I so wanted. The week started really well and then hit a bump in the road mid week. It instantly felt guilt so decided to do a couple of speed days to counter act any gain I may of had. I wasn't sure if it was going to work as I purposely don't weigh myself at home, all scales say different, so I only go off what the Slimming World scales say.

As I headed to group yesterday I had in my head that I would be happy as long as I had gained no more than 2 lbs and was unsure of any loss what so ever. Our group leader was back from her holidays and a few more of the ladies stayed for the session after weigh in. I stay for every session as I love the time to sit with adults and just chat.

Its came time for the weigh in and I was in utter shock to see a 3.5 lbs loss!! I was slightly gutted to though as I know if I hadn't have been naughty earlier in the week it would have been more and I could of earned my stone award.

I was also awarded Slimmer of the month with a total loss of 10.75 lbs loss for the month of August and I am proper chuffed to have a new certificate to add to my growing collection on the fridge door.
Last Weeks Goal - 2 lbs
This Weeks Loss - 3.5 lbs
Total Weight Loss - 13 lbs
This Weeks Goal - 2 lbs, but only need 1 lb for stone award

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  1. Oh wow 3.5lbs is amazing! Well done on slimmer of the month too.
    Good luck for your stone this week :)

  2. Well done for slimmer of the month, and a huge loss of 3.5lbs, you must be so happy with yourself! I hope you manage to get your stone award soon! Thank you for linking up #swsunday look forward to seeing you next week.
    Steph |

  3. Well done on slimmer of the month and 3.5lbs how awesome is that - just think how well you could do if you stick to your guns this week - i bet you can do that stone :)

  4. well done , I am also doing the SW plan although I have went off track a lot over the summer I have just joined a new group and it has motivated me to stick to plan. You have done amazing losing so much in a month , I am sure you will get the stone next week xx #weighloseorstay

  5. Well done lovely! 3.5 pounds is so good!! And Slimmer of the Month too is great! I won Slimmer of the Month once and I had an unfair advantage as I had delivered my little boy in the middle of the month! I think it worked out that I had, had a 20lb lost across the month - which I guess is probably actually possible if you were extra good every week but you'd almost probably be miserable for having zero syns lol.

  6. Wow, well done - any loss is great but a loss in August is truly amazing !

  7. Well done - that's some great loss for August! Good luck for this week, I hope you get that award to add to the others. xx #WeightLossWednesday

  8. Awww chick! Well done on your loss, that is fantastic and a lovely surprise too! Always even more epic when you aren't expecting it! Don't look back on how you could have changed things, clearly you worked hard after the blip and it made all the difference! Slimmer of the Month is fantastic and you should be super proud! You are rocking Slimming World! Thank you so much for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday and hope you can join in this week! Sim xx

  9. 3.5lb is fab, huge well done! It's always a relief to see a loss when you're expecting a gain or maintain! #swsunday


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