Slimming World Meal Plan - 28/09/15

It was a bit of a crap week last week for staying on my meal plan, tomorrows weigh in post will explain more about why, so you can pop over and read it tomorrow if you like. So this weeks meal plan is much the same as most of it didn't get eaten.

Sunday Lunch
Slimming World frozen burgers 
Chicken and Pepper Pasta
Slimming World Frozen Meatballs
5 Spice Pork Steaks
Singapore Noodles (Frozen Slimming World Ready Meal)
Beef Pie with Mash Potato Top

One meal I did get to make last week was the Slimming World recipe Diet Coke Chicken, which I have been meaning to make for ages. I spent 4 hours in total slaving over the stove trying to get the sauce to reduce down and no matter what I did it didn't happen. It ended up looking like chicken and tomato soup. I posted on my Slimming World groups Facebook page for advice and found the answer to my problem. The online recipe calls for 200ml of chicken stock, but a lot of the members don't put this in as they found the same issue. It was to late for me as it was already in the bin, but I will know for next time!
What's cooking in your house this week?
  1. Such a shame the Diet Coke Chicken didn't work out....At least you know for next time!
    Everything sounds very tasty....Have a great week x

  2. Sorry to hear your diet coke chicken didn't go to plan. This is a recipe that I keep meaning to try so when I do I will remember this! The chicken and pepper pasta sounds lovely. Hope you have a better week x #mealplanningmonday

  3. I love the sound of the five spice pork steaks. It's a shame your Diet Coke chicken didn't come out as planned. I've had the same issue with reducing a sauce a few times too. I now generally halve the amount of liquid needed and then add more if required. #mpm

  4. Good luck at weigh in this week. Shame about the chicken :(

  5. I went back to SW after an extended break this week - the Diet coke chicken is quite intriguing so it's good to know to exclude the chicken stock. Hope this week is better for you

  6. Hope you have a lovely week. Are you going to try the chicken recipe again? You will have to let us know!

  7. I didn't stick to my meal plan last week too well either.. I had family visit and it threw it all off. I still have the ingredients though so they're just rolling over =)

  8. Lovely meal plan. It is a shame that the diet coke chicken didn't work for you, I love it and am going to be mentioning it again soon. Hopefully you will enjoy it next time without the stock.


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