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Last week we took full advantage of the last full week of the children being at home and took a trip the Sealife at the Trafford Centre. We have visited before but the children were very excited as during our visit they had to opportunity to take part in the Deep Sea Explorers event, which ran through June till the end of August. Hidden around the aquarium inside tanks where Lego models and it gave the visit an exciting twist for them.
Sealife is open from 10am till 7pm every single day with prices from £9.95, prices are cheaper if you pre book online and under 2's are completely free. There was a bit of a que when we arrived but it filtered down quite quickly. There are 14 different areas inside Sealife to explore and we were inside waiting for the first part of the Sealife experience Turtle Beach. The children loved this part of the tour being told all about the life cycle of the turtles. Its a lovely intro into the Sealife tour, after this point you are free to wander around and take as much time as you like.
Through into The Shoal, unfortunately on our visit the tank was empty for cleaning purposes. We have seen the shoal before on a previous visit and its a mesmerising room, the fish go around and around the room and I could stand there all day watching them.
You then go through into Rocky Hideout a corridor full of twists and turns, with tanks popping out of rocks in the walls and a really cool tunnel for the children to get up close and personal with the fish. Mr D loved this section and said he felt like a scuba diver.
The children loved the JellyFish Seas section, there is a huge tank full of jellyfish and it has a colour selector panel, whatever colour the child chooses is what colour all the jellyfish turn. The boys were fascinated by how this happened and enjoyed reading the information panels.
Coral Reef had a whole array of tanks with seahorses, clown fish and lots of other species. I liked that the tanks are all different heights, so even the smallest visitor can get a good view of the fish.
Another highlight for the boys was Turtle World, they love to learn and this area is full of educational information all about turtles. They enjoyed finding out that the temperature of a turtles egg determines the sex of the turtle. There are turtles of all sizes to see and the Grand Finale of Turtle Bay Ernie is a spectacular sight in his huge tank.
We even got to see some divers cleaning the underwater ocean tunnel, it was great fun and they even took the time to wave at the children. The children thought it was funny watching them wipe the glass and Mr D didn't understand why they were doing it while there was water in the tank.

The huge tank in Stingray Bay is amazing and the rays look like they are going to zoom right out of the tank at you. They go so fast round and round, Mr C asked if they get dizzy going round all day!
Right at the end of the tour before the gift shop is conservation cove, the boys loved the game that you can play. You stand in front of a huge screen and have to save the ocean by getting all the rubbish out of the ocean. It's a fun game and it conveys a great message about littering in the ocean and what trouble it can cause.
We loved our afternoon at Sealife and would recommend it for a visit if your visiting the Manchester area. Make sure you check out the website as there are some great combined tickets to be had so you can visit Sealife and Legoland for a special price. 
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