Rechargeable Cube Light

My children absolutely love lights, especially Miss S and she has an whole array of lights in her bedroom. The trouble with her lights is they are all plug in, so I have to sneak in at night and switch them off. She hates it when I do that and usually shouts at me.
So when I was given the opportunity to choose a light from PK Green Shop I leapt a the chance when I saw they had rechargeable LED lights.
I opted for the 10cm rechargeable cube light priced at £24.99, it looked the perfect addition to Miss S's room. The light is powered by a built in rechargeable battery that lasts for 10 hours when its fully charged. Its charged via  usb cable which comes provided, you can charge it at your computer or in a socket with the plug. A full charge takes between 3-5 hours and that will keep the light lit for 5-20 hours depending on which mode you use.
The button on the bottom of the light is used for turning the light on and off and also for choosing the colour selection. You can have the light as a fixed colour red, blue, green, pink, purple, yellow and white. To choose the colour you would like just keep on pressing the button until you get the colour you want. If you want to have the lamp on colour changing just press the button to turn the lamp on and its the automatic mode the light comes on in.
The photographs just really do not do the light any justice they light gives off a really nice glow and its really relaxing to watch. Miss S loves is and I feel reassured that she has a light that's not mains operated, so safer. I also like that no matter how long you have the light on for it doesn't get hot thanks to the heatless LED bulb. If you don't fancy the cube light they have some fun animal shaped lights, spheres and even tear drop shaped light. Pop over to the link above and see for yourself.
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*I was sent the above sample free of charge for the purpose of an honest review.

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