Cicciobello Rumbly Tummy Doll

When it comes to role play, with 3 autistic children in the house we like to encourage it as much as possible. The ciciobello rumbly tummy doll is perfect for some child led role play fun, he is packed full of features that take on all the familiar features of parenthood. He is really realistic and priced at £49.99 and available from Argos, Smyths and ToysRUs.
The rumbly tummy doll comes with a range of accessories all of which can be used in an interactive manner whilst playing with the doll. He comes dressed in a t shirt and nappies, bot oh which are removable, if a little difficult to remove. A spoon for feeding, drink for drinking, a cloth for wiping him clean, a potty and a dummy to keep him quiet ;) Maybe worth a mention the doll does require 3 AA batteries, which aren't included and required before interactive play can start and he is only suitable for ages 3+ due to small parts which could be a choking hazard.
The doll has over 40 phrases and you just make sure upon battery installation that you select English, unless of course your child wants to learn Italian or French. Unlike other dolls that you can feed and water it doesn't make any mess! I remember my doll form years ago that was always leaking and my Mum hated it!! The cicciobello rumbly tummy is no mess thanks to the LED light indicators that tell you what he wants.
He tells you when he is hungry or thirsty and makes real sound when he is doing so, its so realistic. When he is finished the LED light in his face comes on and indicated that his mouth needs wiping, he also asks to be cleaned when he is dirty.
The LED light in his tummy indicates that he has tummy ache and he would like you to rub his tummy better. This indicates he needs to go on the potty and believe me he makes some real poop noises! His bottom will then light up to remind you to clean his bottom when he is finished.
He is a really well made doll and is quite large and solid, he is very noisy and quite demanding, he never stops asking for things, so it wont be long till the new 'Mummy' becomes a little henpecked. You can quieten him though just by putting his dummy in his mouth, which is a great feature if you want a bit of peace.
Both Miss S and Miss M have been giving the doll a good test the past few days and they both love him. It has been really sweet seeing Miss S love him and tenderly feed him. Miss M is a regular little Mummy, she already dotes on her newborn brother, so the rumbly tummy doll gives him a well earned rest from being loved by her.
I would recommend the doll for nay child who loves imaginative play, its sturdy, well made and really interactive. I think for the price its a good investment as there is plenty of play available for your money.
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* I was sent the above sample FOC for the purpose of review.

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