Pom Pom London

Now I don't know about where you are, but here in Manchester Autumn has most definitely shown its face and the temperature has dropped significantly. We have cracked out the warmer coats and started thinking about winter warmers.
Pom Pom London have made it their goal to keep heads warm whilst keeping your sophisticated look. With detachable fur and soft acrylic base you can mix and match your look as well as having an easy wash when it needs it. All Pom Pom London hats are designed and hand finished in England.
These beautiful hats are available in mini for ages birth to 2 years, childrens for ages 3-12 years and original which is suitable for all ages. The original hats are available in black, cream, grey, navy and pink. The mini and children's are available in blue, cream and red. The retail price of the hats start at £22.95 and you can even choose what colour pom pom you would like, white, natural or navy.
The pom pom on the top of the hat is removable so really you are getting 2 looks for your money. It easily fastens on with a press stud, it's really easy to get off, even the children managed it. We were sent a beautiful red childrens hat. Its really great quality and it feels really soft, we opted for red and any of the children can wear it. My children are aged between 4 and 11 and the hat fits all 4 of them and they all love it! I think I may have to get them new each to stop the squabbling!!
The hat feels really soft and even Miss S who has particular sensory issues even liked wearing it. I really like the red color as it goes with most of their coats and it looks really bright and cheerful! A fab parenting positive is that the hat is completely machine washable and if the pom pom goes flat you can just give it a little shake up.
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*I was sent the above item FOC for the purposes of review

Thomas and Friends Take N Play Daring Dragon Drop

Do you have a Thomas fan in your house? If the answer is yes then this is the review for you and your little Thomas fan. The Thomas and Friends Take N Play Daring Dragon Drop Playset, suitable for ages 3+ and priced at £36.99.
A Thrilling adventure awaits Thomas at Dragon Island! When Thomas finds a shield on Misty Island he bravely goes to explore Dragon Island to seek out the legendary dragon. With a volcano on the way though, Thomas must try and escape,but first he must cross the dragon bridge. Your little ones can help Thomas escape from the volcano by letting zip line the dangerous Dragon Bridge.
Along with the play set we where also sent a die cast Skiff toy to use with the playset, the die case vehicles are available in 2 sizes priced at £6.99 and £8.99. The Daring Dragon Drop play set came in lots of pieces but it was very easy to put together. There are a few pieces in the set that once assembled cannot be removed. From a parent point of view I love that batteries are included and there are no fiddly stickers to place once you have built the set. It took me less than 10 minutes to build the set and the instructions are really simple to follow. The name on the box says its a take and play, which to me suggests it can be folded up and carried. However this is not the case, one side of the set does fold up for easy storage but that it is, there is no carry handle and the orange tracks just fall off when you lift it up, so definitely not take and play. This is my only little grumble about the set though. I love that you can extend the set at both ends as it means I can get additional sets for extended play opportunity. I also like that the other diecast vehicles Mr C owns all fit on the track around the volcano. Worth a mention is that only Thomas, who comes with the set fits in the zip wire basket.
Mr C loved this set, it took him a few attempts to get the hang of loading Thomas and reloading the zipwire. Once he and the hang of it there was no stopping him though. His older brother Mr D was even interested in the set and and a go. They sat and happily played for a while taking it in turns to load Thomas into the zip wire and sending him shooting down the line. I think the set will become a firm favourite in our house, its well made so should withstand some wear and tear from the use it will get. Its definitely worth the spend in our opinion.
As I do with most of our playset reviews I have created a little video for our YouTube channel so you can see the set in action an the children playing. Hope you enjoy and don't forget to subscribe and give the video a thumbs up if you like it.

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Slimming World Week 9 Weigh In

I haven't been looking forward to yesterday since last Wednesday! I have always had a problem with comfort eating, its how I ended up overweight in the first place. If I am stressed or sad food is what I reach for and on Wednesday it reared its ugly head for the first time since I joined slimming world. Some of my meals have been on plan and it's the evening when everyone is in bed and it's quiet and I have time to sit an think I start making bad choices.

I think it's important not to dwell in it and tried a number of times to pull myself back on the wagon only to slip off it again. So I decided to get through the weekend and start fresh again yesterday, I have also decided that I am going to start keeping a food diary again. That way I can know exactly what I have eaten and make sure no secret syns slip in.

I am always very honest about what I have eaten and told my Slimming World leader about my shoddy week and she is a lovely supportive lady. I am back on it with determination as of yesterday morning and want to get back on track with my losses, no more gains between now and Christmas and fingers crossed for 3 stone total loss by Christmas!
On the bright side I did win the raffle at tonights group, I've got a fab hand blender and all the ingredients to make leek and potato soup!
Last Weeks Goal was to lose 2 lbs
This Weeks Result +1
Total Weight Loss - 1 stone 2lbs
This Weeks Goal - 2 lbs 

Slimming World Meal Plan - 28/09/15

It was a bit of a crap week last week for staying on my meal plan, tomorrows weigh in post will explain more about why, so you can pop over and read it tomorrow if you like. So this weeks meal plan is much the same as most of it didn't get eaten.

Sunday Lunch
Slimming World frozen burgers 
Chicken and Pepper Pasta
Slimming World Frozen Meatballs
5 Spice Pork Steaks
Singapore Noodles (Frozen Slimming World Ready Meal)
Beef Pie with Mash Potato Top

One meal I did get to make last week was the Slimming World recipe Diet Coke Chicken, which I have been meaning to make for ages. I spent 4 hours in total slaving over the stove trying to get the sauce to reduce down and no matter what I did it didn't happen. It ended up looking like chicken and tomato soup. I posted on my Slimming World groups Facebook page for advice and found the answer to my problem. The online recipe calls for 200ml of chicken stock, but a lot of the members don't put this in as they found the same issue. It was to late for me as it was already in the bin, but I will know for next time!
What's cooking in your house this week?

The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep

Mr C has always been a nightmare to go to sleep, he has never really settled at night. At the age of 4 he his still in my bed most nights. I have never really minded I like to cherish my cuddles while I can still get them, but as he gets older, he's gets bigger which means less space for myself and Mr RTR in the bed. The trouble isn't staying asleep, its going to sleep and more importantly going to sleep in his own bed.
I saw an opportunity with Mumsnet to try out the Number One Best Selling Book The Rabbit Who Wants To Fall Asleep.
The author Carl-Johan Forster Ehrlin is a behavioral scientist with a bachelor's degree in psychology and teaches communications at a Swedish University. He is also a life coach and leadership trainer. He has combined all these skills and experiences in developing the techniques in this book. His goal is to help all parents out there who are struggling with getting their children to sleep at night or nap time. He wants the book to help children relax and fall asleep faster every time they hear the story. 
Before you read the book for the first time its a good idea to take a read of the front inside cover. There are some instructions about reading the book and expansion about some of the text. The best place to be reading the book is when your child is ready for bed and lying down relaxing. Sitting up and looking a the pictures is to distracting and doesn't let them fully absorb the words, so get them to lie down if you can. Its says the most important thing to do is to take your time reading the book and I would suggest reading it through yourself before you read it first and practice the techniques.
The story is all about Roger rabbit who cant fall asleep, Mummy rabbit takes him to see Uncle Yawn, who knows just what to do. I had told Mr C that we had a lovely new book to read at bedtime, but we could only read it if he got into his own bed to read it. Luckily he agreed to get into bed a lie down so I could read the story. He listened intently to the story, I had to pay attention to the story as I read and do the nectary actions so couldn't see his facial expressions. I did notice though that everything I yawned as I was told to do in the story, Mr C yawned also. We managed to get all the way to the end of the book and Mr C was still awake. However he didn't attempt to get out of bed, I stayed quiet and sat on the floor next to his bed and within 5 minutes he was fast asleep. For the first time in a long time he stayed in his own bed for the whole night, he did come and climb into ours at around 5.15am but I can deal with that. I have read the book to him each night since and the time its takes him to fall asleep is getting shorter each time, we are now in night 5 and I only get half way through!
This book has transformed our bedtime routine and I can't believe it took something as simple as a book to do it. I think the technique is amazing and definitely recommend it to ALL parents.
You can get your own copy from Amazon available in hard back, paperback, kindle and audio with prices starting from £3.99 dependant on what format you want.
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*I was sent this book for review as part of the Mumsnet bloggers network.

Ever After High Way To Wonderland Doll

Ever since we reviewed the Lizzie Heart Playset Miss S has loved her Ever After High and she has been enjoying the series over on Netflix. This week she received another of the series to review, the Ever After High Way To Wonderland Lizzie Heart Doll, aimed at ages 7-10 and priced at £23.99.
Shut the storybooks you thought you knew because at Ever After High, you can choose your own ever after! In the epic Netflix original series, Way To Wonderland, Raven Queen, daughter of the evil queen, tried to magically reverse her mothers curse on Wonderland and accidentally transports herself and her friends to Wonderland High. As Kitty Cheshire, Madeline Hatter, Apple White and Lizzie Hearts fall down the rabbit hole, their outfits transform into spellbinding dresses with wonderlandful charm.
The dolls are very visually appealing and I think its why Miss S likes them, she is a sensory seeker. So the soft fabrics, chunky jewellery and soft hair really appeal to her. The Lizzie doll is packed with accessories, all of which are removable. Being the daughter of the Queen of hearts means her style is all about cards, her flamingo crown, queen of heart card necklace and her large gold watch are all thrown backs to her heritage. She has lovely long black and red hair and she has her own brush for your child . All the dolls limbs are fully moveable and even have hinged elbows and knees for more flexibility. All of the dolls accessories are removable, right down to her earrings.
Miss S really loved the doll, as I said above its very sensory appealing for her, she spent a lot of time feeling the fabric and removing the accessories. She loves that the doll has its own stand so when she is not playing with it she can stand it on her window with her other Every After and Monster High dolls. They make great collectable pieces as well as dolls to play with. Lizzie Hearts is just 1 of 4 dolls in the range and with Christmas round the corner they're perfect for gifts for your Ever After Fan.
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I'm Amazed By You

If you saw my Straight Back To Routine post, you would of saw my initial feelings about Mr L going to high school. We are now into the 3rd week of term and the boy has totally stunned me, it's as if he instantly matured over night. We truly agonised over sending him to a mainstream high school, he really struggled in primary and it was only the support of the Head Teacher and his amazing TA's that got him through the years. 

Our first choice for Mr L to go into the resource provision where he could get more tailored support, but the LEA decided he wouldn't be suited to the environment. The children who have places have low educational function, whereas Mr L is very intelligent, he requires a mainstream education with specialist support. This is not available in our area apart from one private funded school which would be a battle to get into, and even if he didn't get in we wouldn't be able to get him to the school.
We always involve Mr L in decisions about his future and he expressed the desire to go the the mainstream school as that's where his friends where going, so we went with him and I am so glad we did.

We had an arrangement in place that his TA from primary would go over with him for the first 6 week term and help him settle in. We are now in the 3rd week and he is already transitioning into her going back to primary. This week she is only with him in the morning and by next week she won't be with him at all. He is managing to go between lessons, remembering to write down homework, he has even socialised in the dining room at lunch! He didn't even manage that during the whole time in primary!

He has full access to the resource provision within school, so if things get too much he can go there for some quiet time, he is free to go there at break and lunch. This week he has just got himself a library pass and he has been spending time there to. He has told me of new friends he has made and his desire to have a mobile phone to he can chat to his friends.

Yet again he has proved us all wrong, when we think things won't work or might be a struggle he proves he can do it. I think we have doubt due to how tough it has been, I'm not naive to the fact that it's not all going to be plain sailing, but its a pretty good start.

Slimming World Week 8 Weigh In

I cannot believe that it has been 8 weeks since I decided enough was enough and I wanted to finally make a change. I have spent most of my life trying so many diets and hated every single one of them. There is so much info out there about slimming world and if you like food and don't want to starve yourself on meal replacements its definitely the plan for you!
I was welcomed into my lovely group and haven't looked back since and in 8 weeks I am 1st 3lbs lighter as a result!

Last week saw a 2.5lb loss and this motivated me to stay on track again this week. I meal planned all my food so I knew what I was eating. I think with slimming world this really helps me stay on track and stops me picking at the fridge. I realised this week just how far I have come, when I get bored I eat, and this hasn't changed...... but I now find myself eating fruit and nibbing on carrots! For someone who always headed for the breadbin that in itself is massive!

Whats even more exciting for me is I am starting to notice the changes myself, my face is a little thinner and my double chin is getting smaller! I am also 2 sizes smaller in tops and 1 size smaller in bottoms, I am actually now the lightest I have ever been in about 4 years, at 19 stone though I still have a long way to go. But with this plan I really feel like I can do it, for this first time in a long time I feel positive about how I feel and where I want to be. I don't have an ideal weight and I haven't set a goal as such. I just want to be able to walk onto a normal high street store and pick something up and know they have it in my size and to have to go to the plus size section. Not that there is anything wrong with the plus size section, I have been shopping there for much of the last 10 years but as I get older and the inevitable health issue may start occurring its time to change.

I headed to this weeks weigh in and have been on plan all week so knew I was definitely going to get a loss, I tend to keep my syns as low as possible. I had some lovely birthday cake this week and even had a crunchie and packet of crisps on treat night. I was really pleased with this weeks 2.5lb loss as it keeps me on track for my mini goal.
My mini goal is to lose 2lbs each week between now and Christmas, this will mean if I do it that I will be 3 stone lighter by Christmas!

Last Weeks Goal was to lose 2 lbs
This Weeks Result -2.5lbs
Total Weight Loss - 1 stone 3lbs
This Weeks Goal - 2 lbs 

  Sim's LifeWeigh, Lose or Stay - Laura's Lovely Blog
Raising Emily

Warner Bros Tour - The Making Of Harry Potter

A couple of weeks back I headed to Watford with my Cousin and Sister to celebrate my Sister birthday with a visit to The Making of Harry Potter Tour at Warner Bros Studio. We stayed at the Premier Inn Watford Central which is just a 5 minute stroll from Watford Junction Station. There is a really handy shuttle bus that runs every 20 minutes to the studio and its only £2 return per person.
Its only a 10  minute drive from Watford Central to the studios and as soon as you step off the bus your swept up by the magic of Harry Potter, You have the option of queuing for your tickets a the windows or there are some handy self service machine you can use that print your tickets off with.
Once you have your tickets in your hand you are free to enter, there is a large cafe, so you are free to go before your ticket time and chill out. You also have access to the AMAZING gift shop, we decried to grab a coffee and save the gift shop till last. There is also a cloak room for you to use, so you don't have to lug around your coats and bags, this was a great welcome bonus to us and we had our over night bags with us, even better was the cloakroom was absolutely free to use. Tickets start from around £25 and you can see the prices here. We visited during the Back To School feature so all the staff milling about were all dressed i authentic school robes, they looked spectacular. The foyer of the studios are a spectacle themselves, there are pictures of the cast all around the ceilings and props suspended from the ceiling. You are free to join the entry que 15 minutes before your tour start time and they have a very efficient system for entry. Your are let in in burst so the tour doesn't get to crowded and the first 2 parts of the tour are guided, the rest is free roam.
The best advice I can offer for this tour is take your time and make sure you have a spare battery for your camera, as you will want to photograph everything! As I mentioned above the first 2 parts are guided, you are taken into a room displaying the Harry Potter move posters in a whole host of languages. The guide talks about the how Harry Potter fever took over the world and how popular it is. You are then take into a cinema and get to watch the whole 22 hours worth of Harry Potter movies in under 5 minutes!! When the screening is open the screen lifts and your are face to face with the doors of the Great Hall and your tour starts with the dining hall.
Once this part of the tour is over you are free to roam from room to room and see all the spectacular sights. There are costumes, props, set up scenes even sets as big as the potion classroom. There is soo much to see and even if I tried I couldn't list them all if I wanted to!
During your visit there where lots of workshops set up for you to have a go at making your own story board, wand skills and story writing. You have the opportunity to have your picture and video take riding a broom and sitting in the famous car! These are priced at £14 each or there are special packages for around £25. Another thing I loved about the tour is that if you don't want to pay for your souvenir pictures there are lost of chances for pictures of your own such as platform 9 and 3/4, the train carriage and another car. I love a good souvenir photo so I of course had to buy one!
I don't want to ramble too much about how amazing this tour is, but it is truly truly spectacular, after your visit it makes you want to sit and watch all the films again. We had a good look at every single thing and took out time and we where there for well over 3 hours, we could have easily stretched it out longer but our feet weren't willing! They save the best till last a this tour, you walk round some small models of sets and come to the end of a corridor and think the tour is over and you turn a corner and your breath is taken away by the sight you are met with.
A huge replica of Hogwarts, the lighting and music playing in the back ground make it feel magical and you can ear everyone walking in saying WOW, and it it truly WOW! IF you love Harry Potter then you NEED to visit this tour, I am already planning a return visit with my hubby and older 2 boys! I also made a vlog for my YouTube channel so give that a watch to!

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Tips for a long car journey in Manchester

Just about every destination in Manchester can be reached by car. Although there are a few pedestrianised areas in the city centre, most of these locations can be navigated to via road, so long as you are prepared to plan your route in advance, perhaps approach from the other side. Due to the heavy traffic that Manchester regularly sees, long car journeys are often inevitable, so it is worth making a plan no matter where in the city you want to get to, especially if you are not used to urban driving. When doing so, consider the following tips.

Use the M60. The ring road is probably not Manchester's most attractive feature, but it is extremely practical. By making use of the circular motorway, you can get from A to B in Manchester much more quickly and avoid snarl ups. If you are going from one side of Manchester to the other, then it certainly makes sense, but it is also useful to hop on and off if you have multiple destinations in the city to visit, perhaps to make deliveries. The junctions come quickly at some points, so keep your eye on the traffic signs because newcomers sometimes have difficulty making sure they are continuing on the M60 unless they pay attention.

Any Mancunian will tell you that the city's streets suffer from potholes. These are mostly confined to back streets because the major routes tend to get more attention from repair teams. Bumping up and down into potholes can cause problems with your car's tyres, so have your tyres checked before a prolonged trip around the city's streets. Point S car tyre dealers Manchester depot can get you the best deals on big tyre brands and they will check your car's wheel alignment as well as the age of your tyres. If your not near by you can always check out Tyre-Shopper.co.uk. A full up to date service is a must have if you do any regular driving. How often do you get a service? If you are due one then National.co.uk is the best 1 stop shop for all your motoring needs.

Avoid the rush hour. Manchester is full of traffic during the week with people going back and forth from work. This is not just people from the Greater Manchester area, however. Commuters to the city arrive from the M6 motorway and towns like Bolton, Bury and Oldham. All of the major arterial routes to the city centre, such as the A57 and the M602, get very busy
between 8am and 9.30am. The evening rush hour also starts early, from about 4pm, and will last until 6.30pm. Check for major sporting events in the Old Trafford area of the city and avoid the A56 at such times when the road gets clogged up.

Be prepared for rain. Manchester has a reputation for drizzle and it is true that the city sees more rainfall than others do, on average. Located close to hills on all sides, the amount of precipitation can catch out people who are not used to it. Therefore, make sure your side lights are in good working order and that you have plenty of screen wash available to top up with. The rainy city streets can kick up grime which you will want to remove in order to keep driving safely.
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Slimming World Meal Plan - 21/09/2015

I forgot to do my meal plan the last 2 weeks, I did do a meal plan and stuck to it, just never got round to blogging them. So on to this week and the meal plan, my shopping gets delivered on a Saturday so my meal plan always starts with Sundays meal.

Chicken Dinner
Diet Coke Chicken
Beef Stir Fry
Slimming World Burgers
5 Spice Pork Steaks
Birds Eye Fish Inspirations with potatoes and veg
Meatball Pepper Pasta

I kind of got stuck eating the same salad for lunch so this week I have broken it down and will be having Slimming World Breakfast, jacket potato, salad, pasta salad and spaghetti with toast (using HEXB allowance). For breakfasts I have a mixture of porridge, weetabix, syn free pancakes or boiled egg, all with some speedy fruit.
I am determined to stay 100% on plan this week as I am determined to be all together 3 stone lighter by Christmas! 1 stone down 2 to go.

I'm linking up with Meal Planning Monday over At Home With Mrs M, pop over and see all the other tasty meal plans.
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Monster High Freak Du Chic Doll - Frankie Stein

Miss S loved her dolls at the moment and she has been enjoying lots of new ones at the moment. This week she received another to add to her ever expanding collection, the Monsters High Freak Du Chic Doll, aimed at ages 6+ and priced at £19.99.
Join the Monster High Ghouls when they have to rally to save the school dance, ultimate skel-ebration of monster mania, the Freak du Chic dance. Meet new characters Honey Swamp, Jinafire Long, Frankie Stein and Morale are all dressed in over the top circus inspired fashions and are ready to grab the spooky spotlight as typical circus performers! All dolls come with to die for shoes and uhhh-mazing accessories to complete their totally killer look and a Freak du Chic poster so you can really get into the circus spirit!
We got Frankie Stein from the collection as she is very funky looking. She has blue skin and and white and black long hair. So has a lovely soft silky dress and netted skirt, which Miss S loves and she loves to feel different textures. The Frankie Stein doll is a circus performer so she is packed with accessories. She has a funky black top hat, magical rings and she even has her own wand. All the dolls limbs are fully moveable and even have hinged elbows and knees for more flexibility. All of the dolls accessories are removable, right down to her earrings. Her hands also pops off and there is a hole for it to go into on top of the top hat for when she is doing her tricks!!
Miss S really loved the doll, as I said above its very sensory appealing for her, she spent a lot of time feeling the fabric and removing the accessories. She loves that the doll has its own stand so when she is not playing with it she can stand it on her window with her other Monster High collection. They make great collectable pieces as well as dolls to play with. Frankie Stein is just 1 of 4 dolls in the range and with Christmas round the corner they're perfect for gifts for your Ever After Fan.
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*I was sent the above sample FOC for the purpose of review.

The Mighty Colossus - Jake and the Neverland Pirates

We have spent the last few weeks having fun and testing out The Mighty Colossus for Jake and the Neverland Pirates. A massive 2 foot toy ship, with 4 levels for play and 7 play pieces. Your child can have their very own Jakes Mighty Colossus High Seas Adventure with this Playset that retails at £39.99 and is available from Smyths and suitable for ages 3 years and up.
Mr C's eyes lit up when he saw the ship, he love Jake and the Neverland pirates and was excited to get it open. I am pleased to say there was very little set up required before Mr C could play. I just had to click the net, ladder and mast onto the top of the ship and it was ready to go.
The set comes with 7 play pieces a Jake figure, Lord Fathom figure, cannon, 2 coconuts on spears to fire from the cannon, a telescope and a pile of coconuts to fire from the catapult. The climb net can be clipped onto various opinion the ship so Jake can scramble up and down in different places. There are 8 fab action built into the ship for you child to interact in, double barrel cannon, catapult, secret trap door, turning wheel, spinning sail, hidden treasure room, jail cell and net slide.
I was impressed with how well made the ship is, its really chunky, sturdy plastic and I loved that it is on wheels so that Mr C can push it around. When the Playset is all closed up it is quite narrow so fits nicely down the side of Mr C's bed. Its very visually stimulating with stickers and 3d mouldings all around the inside and outside of the ship. I would be more than happy to pay the price tag as its a well made and branded toy that's great quality.
Mr C absolutely loved the ship, he has spent every hour not in school playing with it and living takes it to his room and places it next to his bed ready for the next day. I asked him what he liked and he said "I like the blue and Jake is awesome" Its lovely to watch him interact and make Jake catch Lord Fathom and put him in jail, he also loves the cannon and catapult.
We made a little intro video and also a little footage of Mr C playing with the ship for our YouTube channel so you see a little of the ship in action.

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*I was sent the above sample FOC for the purpose of review

Syn Free Slimming World Pancakes

I have heard a lot of hype about these syn free pancakes, but I put off trying them, I just couldn't see how they would taste good! I decided that as I love a good pancake I should give them a go as you never really know unless you try.
The recipe is really simple at just 2 ingredients:
2 Eggs
6 Tablespoons of Sweetener
 First off separate your whites and your yolks into 2 separate bowls
Put 2 spoons of sweetener in the yolk and 4 spoons of sweetener in the whites and mix them both well
 Combine the 2 bowls into one and mix well
 At this point I added a sprinkle of cinnamon from my spice rack, but you can have them plain if you like.
Spray your frying pan with some fry light and pour half of the mixture in, cook for 3/4 minutes and flip, repeat on other side.
Serve with whatever fruit you fancy, to get your speed element of your meal in, I had banana inside my pancake and some grapes on the side
Delicious and most importantly syn free!
Let me know what you think if you try them

August Degustabox

I had another great Degustabox delivered this month and it had a real snacky theme and lots of things I haven't tried before. If you haven't heard of Degustabox it's a monthly subscription box priced at £12.99 that delivers 9-14 surprise products, many of the products are new to the market so you get to try them first. 
This month's box contained 13 items from 8 different brands, and this month's product of the month is Barilla, a brand I have am not familiar with at all, so I was excited to try out. This month's discoveries are the Delicious Alchemy Oaty cookie mix another brand I am not familiar with.
I love a bit of a Bahlsen biscuit they are delicious and this month I was presented with 2 of their products this month. Pick Up dark chocolate priced at £1.69 for a pack of 5 biscuits. They are individually wrapped so great for lunch boxes or chucking in your bag. The Choco Leibniz white are amazing cocoa biscuits wrapped in smooth white chocolate, priced at £1.79 I will definitely be buying them again. Walker's is a brand I am familiar with as its my Mum's favourite biscuit brand and there was a selection of 4 Individually wrapped biscuits.
Life Tonics are a hydration drink priced at £1.49 and are flavoured with coconut water. This was handed to the Mr to try as there not my type of thing. Available in 3 flavours and with 5 vitamins and 4 minreals, they also contain no artificial sweetners. The Mr enjoyed it and said it was refreshing. The Barilla penne regate was delicious and I used it to make my Syn Free Chicken pasta, which will be up on the blog soon. I am planning on using the tomato and chilli pasta sauce for some pasta next week. I regularly eat Ryvita so I was pleased to see the sesame and black pepper, the cracked black pepper is amazing with tuna and red pepper on and they are only around £1.50 a pack and a regular in my food cupboard.
I am a regular herbal tea drinker and its a good way to keep my caffeine intake down. The Williamson black tea with ginger has a nice smooth taste, its not a tea I would drink daily but I will definitely drink it again. Its priced at £4 so its a higher end tea, my Mum absolutely loved it and she knows her tea! I always love to see some Dr Oetker in the box and this month there where 3 delicious mug cakes! Simply add the mix to a mug with some water and pop in the microwave, great for 89p each. Having 4 children means having these in the cupboard I can offer cake in less than 2 minutes! This months discoveries product was a gluten free cookie mix, which I haven't had time to try yet. Its priced at £1.99 for the mix and you just add butter and it makes around 12 cookies.

A great box this month with some great products, if you want to try Degustabox you can get £3 off your first box by using code TTIMB at the checkout.
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Cicciobello Rumbly Tummy Doll

When it comes to role play, with 3 autistic children in the house we like to encourage it as much as possible. The ciciobello rumbly tummy doll is perfect for some child led role play fun, he is packed full of features that take on all the familiar features of parenthood. He is really realistic and priced at £49.99 and available from Argos, Smyths and ToysRUs.
The rumbly tummy doll comes with a range of accessories all of which can be used in an interactive manner whilst playing with the doll. He comes dressed in a t shirt and nappies, bot oh which are removable, if a little difficult to remove. A spoon for feeding, drink for drinking, a cloth for wiping him clean, a potty and a dummy to keep him quiet ;) Maybe worth a mention the doll does require 3 AA batteries, which aren't included and required before interactive play can start and he is only suitable for ages 3+ due to small parts which could be a choking hazard.
The doll has over 40 phrases and you just make sure upon battery installation that you select English, unless of course your child wants to learn Italian or French. Unlike other dolls that you can feed and water it doesn't make any mess! I remember my doll form years ago that was always leaking and my Mum hated it!! The cicciobello rumbly tummy is no mess thanks to the LED light indicators that tell you what he wants.
He tells you when he is hungry or thirsty and makes real sound when he is doing so, its so realistic. When he is finished the LED light in his face comes on and indicated that his mouth needs wiping, he also asks to be cleaned when he is dirty.
The LED light in his tummy indicates that he has tummy ache and he would like you to rub his tummy better. This indicates he needs to go on the potty and believe me he makes some real poop noises! His bottom will then light up to remind you to clean his bottom when he is finished.
He is a really well made doll and is quite large and solid, he is very noisy and quite demanding, he never stops asking for things, so it wont be long till the new 'Mummy' becomes a little henpecked. You can quieten him though just by putting his dummy in his mouth, which is a great feature if you want a bit of peace.
Both Miss S and Miss M have been giving the doll a good test the past few days and they both love him. It has been really sweet seeing Miss S love him and tenderly feed him. Miss M is a regular little Mummy, she already dotes on her newborn brother, so the rumbly tummy doll gives him a well earned rest from being loved by her.
I would recommend the doll for nay child who loves imaginative play, its sturdy, well made and really interactive. I think for the price its a good investment as there is plenty of play available for your money.
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