We had an amazing #Ravensburger Twitter Party

If you were over on twitter today you may have seen the #RavensburgerPuzzles twitter party trending. I joined in along with lots of other bloggers and we got to take part in lots of fun activities.
The first activity was all about puzzles for little ones and Mr C really loves these puzzles, he tried the Alphablocks giant floor puzzle and competed it really easily. He also had a go at the Thomas the Tank engine puzzle but he found that one a bit tricky as it had a few more pieces. We all loved the down on the farm puzzle and the children all loved making animal noises!
We then got to have a race it was Minions vs Frozen and the boys had to race to see who could complete their puzzle first. Mr D had the 3d minion puzzle and it was very tricky! He didnt manage to finish it but he was racing Mr C who didn't finish either so we called it a draw!
We took a break and let our brains rest from all the puzzling fun! We had a drink and some snacks and colorued in some Shopkins posters. The children loved getting arty and colouring in the posters in bright Shopkins colours.
We carried on with the creative theme and made our own jigsaw puzzles using Inside Out post cards. The children loved coluring them in and cutting out the jigsaw shapes. It helped them understand how a jigsaw is made and how easy it to make a puzzle out of anything you like.
It was nearly home time but we had time for one last activity and who doesn't like a game of pass the parcel! There was even a little prize in every single layer so everyone as a winner! I think Miss S loved her prize she is Shopkins mad at the moment.
Our guests all then left and got to take one of these amazing goodie bags with them. They even got to choose their own Ravensburger puzzle as well! We had a fab party and loved seeing all the happy winners over on twitter.

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