Ugglys Pet Store

My boys are very typical and love anything gross, we have previously reviews items from the Uggly's range and they still love them now! So the where very excited to find out their was a new Uggly's item on its way for review.
The Ugglys Pet Store priced at £12.99 is a stackable Pet Shop that you can build up a stinky stack of gross homes to create the uggliest pet store in town. Each gross home comes with its own stenchy sound and exclusive pet to display.
You are provided with just 2 stackable parts, from the package it looks like 4 but 2 are just cardboard boxes for display purposes. Only 1 of the stackable boxes makes the gross noises, the one the monkey goes into. The other box is purely so the roof is able to go on top.
From a parents perspective I think £12.99 is a lot for box that makes noises and a monkey figure, you can buy additional boxes for £6.99, but I do think it looks misleading from the images as you think you are getting 4 boxes. On a positive parents note it comes with batteries included and its made from good quality moulded plastic.
Obviously none of this bothered my boys and they absolutely loved it! They loved putting the crazy monkey in his box and hearing the gross noises. We even had a little bit of conflict between Mr D and Mr C who both wanted to play with it. I solved the problem by getting out the Ugglys bus we have in the toy box and they happily played together. There are over 101 Ugglys to collect and my boys are keen to expand their collection.
*I was sent the above sample FOC for the purpose of review

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