#SynFree Slow Cooker Spag Bol

I have a yummy spaghetti bolognaise recipe for you today, with lots of yummy veggies in, a hint of chilli and if you use 5% fat mince its is completely syn free. You can cook it in minutes on your stove if you want to, but if your a busy Mum or worker then you can pop it in your slow cooker for the day and leave it to bubble away till your ready.
250g of 5% lean mince (500g is for 4 people)
Half Red Pepper (full if for 4 people)
Half Yellow Pepper (full if for 4 people)
Bunch of Spring Onion's
8 Mushrooms 
1 Tin a chopped tomatoes (2 if for 4 people)
1 OXO Cube
Sprinkle of Garlic Salt, Mixed Herds and Chilli Flakes (as much or as little as you like
Pasta to Serve
Chop all your veggies
Pour into slow cooker
Add Mince
Add chopped tomatoes 
Add spices and oxo
Give it a good stir
Leave on low for 6 hours or high for 3 hours
Cook pasta before your ready to serve
Totally syn free and delicious, you could use cheese from your HEB choice if like my Dave you cant have spag bold without cheese on top! I made the recipe just for the 2 of us and there was enough left for another portion, so that's in the freezer for another day.
Enjoy Mandy
  1. Love my slow cooker. I've never tried putting peppers in spag bol, must give it a try.

  2. Looks delicious! Never thought of doing in a slow cooker before!

  3. I keep seeing lots of recipes that use a slow cooker, maybe I need to invest in one as this sounds delicious


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