Slimming World Week Two Weigh In

I was apprehensive to head to this weeks weigh in and was sure I was going to have a gain! The week started off really well and I was 100% on plan. On Wednesday I headed over to Delamere Forest for the day so Mr D could go to Go Ape. I had prepare food to take with me and took a picnic for the others to eat also, with all their favourite things. I had my salad and fruit salad and found myself picking at bits of their picinc afterwards. I am 100% honest in my food diary and write down every single thing I eat, I totted up the syn value of my grazing fest when we got home and it came to 22 syns!!!!! So no worth it for what I ate, this put me in a negative mindset and the picking continued for the rest of the week. All my meals where syn free and on plan, I just really needed to get back into the habit of picking on good snacks rather than grazing on the childrens left overs.

As I walked to group last night I had in my head a maintain would be the best result, but I was fully prepared for a gain. I had already dusted myself off and 100% back on plan so it was just a case of getting this done and out of the way. I got to group and there were no ques for the scales this week, so I was straight in and on the scales in minutes..........and I lost a 1lb...... A could of cartwheeled off the scales , its not the 2 and half lb goal I set myself last week, but it wasn't a gain or even a maintain!! The 1lb loss also put me in the next stone down catagory, I have been looking at the previous stone for the past year so its nice to be under it for a change. I have set myself a target of 1 and half lb for next week as this will give me my half stone award.

Last Weeks Goal - 2lb
Weight Loss This Week - 1lb
Total Weight Loss - 5 and half lb
This Weeks Goal - 1 and half lb

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  1. Well done on your loss, I find that if I have a day going over on my syns followed by a couple of very low or syn free days it tends to even itself out!
    I have my third weigh in tomorrow, great to see someone else at the same stage as me :)

  2. P.S. forgot to say, I'm heading over via #WeighLoseorStay

  3. Well done you, I think it is best to be honest as that will ultimately get you to goal. These picnics are hard though I have to say. Good luck for next week #weighloseorstay

  4. I'm going for my first weigh in tonight, fingers crossed x

  5. Well done hon - beswt of luck with your half stone next week :)

  6. How wonderful, well done! It's so easy to fall off the wagon after 1 little slip up isn't it, but you've done really well to get back on plan again. Go you!

  7. Well done! If i go over my syns one or two days I just try and stay a bit below for a few days and it helps :) #weighloseorstay


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