Slimming World Week Three Weigh In

Last week I set myself a goal of 1 and a half pounds to enable me to get my half stone badge. I had all my meals planned and was 100% adamant I was staying on plan for the week. All my meals were on plan but I did over syn a few times. I even managed to eat out this week, my main was on plan but I had a sneaky pudding, its was 50% fruit based though!
I was honestly only hoping for 2lbs loss at the most due to my over syning. I always say to myself that any weight loss is better than a weight gain. This is going to be my mantra, even if its a 1lb I have promised myself I will never say only a pound!

So on to weigh in, there was a little bit for a que for the scale, its always the bit I hate as it gives me time to doubt myself and over think my week. But anyway I had a good loss this week.
I Lost 5lbs!!
So I got my half stone certificate and also bagged myself Slimmer of The Week
I have set myself a target of 2lbs for next week, ideally I would love 3 and half pound so I get my stone certificate but I don't want to put to much pressure on myself. I have my Weekly Meal Plan prepared and I'm ready to take on the week. 
I also invested in a Fitbit on Wednesday, I had a little win at bingo on Tuesday night so treated myself. I got the Fitbit Charge HR and honestly I love it, it makes me motivated to move. 
Last Weeks Goal - 1 and half lb
Weight Loss This Week - 5lb
Total Weight Loss - 10 and half lb
This Weeks Goal - 2 lb
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  1. Well done you! That's fantastic!

  2. Wow that's awesome well done - you must have been thrilled :)

  3. Oh wow 5lbs is awesome, well done you!
    I'm determined to get Slimmer of the week one week, my plan is to write a really good meal plan, breakfasts, lunch & everything and stick to it 100% to get that goal - the only problem is I never manage to plan anything apart from our evening meals!


  4. That's brilliant, well done x

  5. Awww well done on a fantastic loss chick! I love surprises like that and a 5lb loss is immense!! Well done on being Slimmer of the Week too - a definite motivator to keep you going! Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday and hope you can join in again this week! Sim xx

  6. That's a fantastic loss, well done! And high five for your awards too! :D #weighloseorstay


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