Slimming World Week One Weigh in

Yesterday I went to my first Slimming World weigh in, I was a little apprehensive before going as I have never tried the plan and if I'm honest I wondered after eating soo much food how I could lose weight.
I stayed 100% on plan for the whole week and I really enjoyed all the food I ate, I have honestly never been on a plan before and been able to eat so much food. I certainly never went hungry that's for sure!

I go to the 5pm meeting and spent all day thinking what if I've not lost, what if I've gained, but the day went quite quickly in the end thanks to the children being challenging. I had my mind set that as long as I had lost 2lb I would be happy and not dissapointed. I got to group at about 10 past and there was a que for the scales!
It was finally my turn and I was really happy with my results, I had a 4 and a half pound loss!
To say I was happy is an understatement, its probably the most I have ever lost in a week and I would have been happy with my goal of 2lb, so to double it was ace,

I have planned my meals for the coming week, which you can see in my Meal Planning Monday Post, so I know what I'm eating. I do think that planning is the key, it stops me straying off plan and keeps me focused.

I have set my goal for next week and set it for 2 and half pound, which will get me my half stone badge, so fingers crossed for another good week.

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