Slimming World Week 4 Weigh In

Last week was my birthday week and I was determined I wasn't going to let it affect my plan! All my meals managed to stay on plan, which is great and my FitBit kept me motivated to move more and the week went really well. Even on my actual birthday I behaved and suck to plan, not even a crumb of cake snuck past my lips.

I hit Friday and a wall so it seemed, my meals all on plan but the snacking in-between, so not part of the plan! On Sunday I was at my SIL Baby Shower and the food was so not Slimming World friendly, I already knew the damage was done for Mondays weigh in and synned my little socks off!! 

I headed to group yesterday fully expecting a gain and a gain is exactly what I got, luckily it was only a 1lb gain, so I count myself very lucky after the pigging out!

The plan for this week is to keep all meals on plan, keep syns to a minimum and move lots more. My goal this week exercise wise is to get my 10'000 steps every single day. I have even got into the habit in the evening when watching Tv of getting up and walking the adverts. They are roughly 2-3 minutes long and I speed walk up and down the living room for the length of the adverts!

Last Weeks Goal - 2lb
Weight Loss This Week - A gain of 1lb
Total Weight Loss - 9 and half lb
This Weeks Goal - 2 lb, but would love 4.5lb to get my stone off
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  1. Well done on only gaining 1lb, that isn't bad at all if you've been having fun! Good luck this week :)


  2. Its so hard to stay on track when there isn't any diet friendly food, but well done for only a small gain on your birthday week! I am on a diet and have a fitbit too, I love my fitbit! Good luck this week xx

  3. Some weeks it's so hard to stick to plan but it's best to just draw a line and start again, good luck for next week :) #weighloseorstay

  4. You are so close to your stone, don't let that 1lb gain knock you off track sweets - you sound very determined and are making great use of your FitBit! I loved mine and did exactly the same thing during adverts too, it's great for pushing you even more. Hope you are having a great week on Slimming World and hope you enjoyed your birthday too! Thank you for linking up with #WeightLossWednesday and hope you can join in this week! Sim xx

  5. Sometimes it is hard to stick to plan, but putting your mind back on it and getting back on plan can get the pounds back off. Well done so far! :) #weighloseorstay


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