Riverford Quick Recipe Box

I received a beautiful Riverford Quick Recipe Box for review a week last Friday. Riverford are known for their amazing fresh fruit and vegetable boxes and have now branched out into meal boxes. Having 4 children with such rigid diets means we get stuck in a rut of eating the same old food. The quick recipe box contains 3 speedy seasonal recipes that can be cooked in less than 30 minutes. The boxes retail at £39.95 and contain all the ingredient you will need to cook the 3 delicious recipes. When you go to select your box you actually have a choice of 3 boxes, the current weeks, previous week or next weeks box, so you can look and decide which box is best for you.
The ingredients are delivered to your door in a big box and all sectioned out, the meat and fish are wrapped in a secure bag with ice packs and wrapped in wool to keep fresh as long as possible. The recipes are printed on card which you can put in your cupboard and keep so you can make them again and again.
The Recipes
The 3 recipes in my box were lamb meatball salad, chicken parmigiana and miso aubergines and they all looked great from the recipe cards. All the ingredients were clearly bagged and marked, so it was really easy to go through your contents and pick out what you needed for each recipe. All the ingredients were truly fresh from the farm and they tell you to give them a good wash. They are all organic and I feel you tell the difference, even the chicken breast seemed better quality than my usual brand.
Cooking and Preparation
The cards all say that the recipes take around 30 minutes to prepare and serve and I thought this was true, none of the recipes took longer than the stated time given. I found the card easy enough to follow although some of the instructions seem really over complicated. However for someone who does no cooking they are a fully comprehensive guide to cooking the meal. I'm enjoying cooking from scratch since I started Slimming World and managed to eat these meals within my allowance and only a few syns for the pitta bread and breadcrumbs.
Results and Taste
All of the 3 meals tasted and looked amazing and the portion sizes were great to. I know Dave could of ate more but he has a big appetite. But for me they were the perfect size, I really enjoyed the meatball dish, the chicken dish was a bit cheesey for me, but I'm not a big cheese fan. Sadly I haven't got images of the other 2 meals as my IPhone screen cracked before I had uploaded them, but you can see images of them being prepared. Once my phone is back from repair I will update the post with the missing 2 images.
We will definitely use the service again as we really enjoyed the food and were happy with the fresh quality ingredients.
*I was sent the Riverford Food Box FOC for the purpose of review.

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