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We have been having lots of fun recently thanks to a lovely set of educational games sent to us from Ravensburger for review. They are perfect for Cody as they are aimed at pre schoolers, all 4 are available to buy from Amazon for the price of £6.99 per game, they are great for some summer learning.
The ABC Game is great for learning the alphabet and letter recognition. The set contains all 26 letters of the alphabet, each card splits in 2 one side has a letter and the other an object relating to that letter. The cards are good quality and self correcting, so can only be put in the right way.
There are 4 options of play dependant on how many children are playing. Mr C is a solitary player so he loves the matching game option, simply match up the letters with the object it belongs to. You can also play a version of go fish, where players ask each other if they have particular cards to enable them to make pairs.
Next up is My First Clock which is aimed at 4-9 year olds, so its great for my older children who are learning to tell the time. The set contains 1 clock with moving hands and 27 different clock cards, one side of the card has a digital clock and the other side a standard clock face. Its a great game for becoming familiar with telling the time and a really fun way to learn.
There are 3 play options available with the set, The Whole Day which is learning about the clock and the hours of the day, this is perfect for Mr C's age who are just starting out. The next is setting the clock where the children take it in turns to pick a clock card and set the hands on the big clock to match. The last is fast time which is to recognize the time as quickly as you can. Choose one person to set a time on the clock and then show it to the others, the quickest correct answer is the winner.
 The Ready, Set, Count game helps children to discover the numbers 1-10 while having fun playing. They can learn to count on their own and how numbers can be represented in the form of dots on a die, written and on fingers. The set comes with 10 picture cards, 10 die cards, 10 number cards and 10 finger cards.
 You can play this game with just 1 child by shuffling the card and spreading them out face up, one at a time choose a card and find the corresponding matching pieces. For 2-4 players you can shuffle the picture cards and give each player 3 cards and play the same way but taking turns.
My First Words is great for a child who is already familiar with the alphabet and is ready for the more complex task of learning to spell. The set comes with 16 word cards and 64 corresponding letter cards.
Mr C really enjoyed this the most out of all of the games as he really enjoys spelling. We chose 3 of the words cards and the corresponding letters and mixed them all up. He then had to match them all up, the pieces all slot together really easily and Mr C played this continually for 30 minutes!!
We love all 4 of the puzzles and they have been an essential part of our routine during the shocking weather we have had this summer. I think for the price of £6 each they are great learning tools and even better is the children are too busy having fun to realise they are learning to.
*I was sent the above samples FOC for the purpose of review

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