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Now I know I shouldn't say it but Christmas is fast approaching and its time we all started getting our act together and sorting the gifts! I have the majority of the children sorted but am always open to trying out something new. We have been sent a lovely Pet Parade Playset and puppy pack for review, with pet parade you can experience the thrill and excitement of taking care and training your own puppy. We frequently have Grandads dog Kacie round and the children love her, so I thought they would love this set.
The play set retails at around £30, is suitable for ages 3+  and comes with a puppy included so you can play straight away. The set is a vivid pink and made from durable moulded plastic, there is very minimal construction required. This pleases me as there is nothing worse than trying to build a toy with a child climbing on you asking if your done yet. Another bonus is that the toy need absolutely no batteries.
 The play set has everything your puppy may need, there's an exercise round about, a swing, a bed, feeding station and even a ramp to practice their walk on! The puppy in the set comes with its own lead and bone. There are a selection of puppy's available to buy separately so you can even try to match it to your own breed of dog.
The puppy has a little magnet on the back of her neck and this is what the lead attaches to, when attached to the lead the puppy walks just like a real dog! You can also make her head nod up and down. There is also a round circle on her back, this can be used to make her head move also when not using the lead. Its a nice interactive little puppy, the bone is also magnetic so when her head bends down to get it the bone sticks to her mouth.
The children loved play set and thought the fact you could make the puppy walk on its lead was great. They also enjoyed making run up and down the ramp as fast as they could. Its a lovely interactive playset, hope you enjoy the video of the children playing with it below and their thoughts.

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*I was sent the above sample FOC for the purposes of review 

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