Monster High Frightmares

We have a steadily building collection of Monster High merchandise in our house, Miss S got a few items for her birthday and we have reviewed a few items from the range also. We have been sent a new item from the collection for review, the Monster High Frightmare Aery Evenfall.
monster high frightmare
Monster High is filled with so many secret doors, passage means and portals, you never know what you might find within its halls, or even its walls - and deep within the catacombs of everyone's favourite school live half centaur-half unique monsters. These spookeriffic monster mash ups are real Fright-Mares! Meet characters like Pyxis Prepstockings, Frets Quartzmane, Bay Tidechaser, and Aery Evenfall. These unique creatures have their own freaky flaws and flawsome fashions, from preppy polo player to monsterriffic rocker, the Fright mares are just clawesome!!
aery Evenfall
There are 4 options in the Fright mare collection all priced at £11.99 and suitable for ages 6+. Aery Evenfall is a lovely lilac colour and she really stands out. Her 2 toned black and lilac long hair is super soft and Miss S loves how it feels. Its really good quality hair for a doll and it hasn't tangled up yet which is  good as Miss S hates tangled hair. Down her right leg she has some cool decorative markings of stars and she had removable pink leg muffs.
aery Evenfall details
Aery also has some pretty funky accessories, her bone look wings on her back are pretty cool and you can see them pooping out beneath her hair. She also has a cool bone skirt around her waist and some nice pink detailing on her purple bodice. She is very visually stimulating which is great for my sensory seeker Miss S.
aery Evenfall play
She loves the latest addition to her collection and has taken to calling her horsey doll, she is the perfect size for putting in her bag and carrying around. She is allowed a small toy in her school bag for the 1 hour bus journey and I think this is set to become favourite come September. I'm really pleased she likes it so much as it me some gift ideas for her. 
*We were sent the Aery Evenfall FOC for the purpose of review.

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