July Degustabox

If you haven't heard of Degustabox its a monthly subscription box priced at £12.99 that delivers 9-14 surprise products, many of the products are new to the market so you get to try them first. 
This months box contained 12 items from 9 different manufacturers, some I am familiar with and some I am not familiar with. The content of the box have a reatail value of over £20 so its well worth the cost of the box.
The Weetabix On The Go drinks priced at £1.49 are perfect for breakfast on the go in the mornings. They are made with fresh milk and contain all the protein and fibre of the Weetabix cereals. I am not a big fan of breakfast drinks but this one tasted more like a milkshake.
Another perfect breakfast on the go item in this months box are Fru Snax priced at £1.25 per bag. They are prices of dried fruit covered in yogurt and are only 50 calories per packet, they are great for throwing in your bag for a quick snack.
I am a big Lambrini fan, I have probably been drinking it well before I was legally allowed. This Lambrini So Strawberry retails at £3.29 is a great summer drink. Its bursting with flavour and smells really fruity, you can really taste the strawberry flavours.
I love fresh apple juice but fizzy apple juice has never really done it for me, until now! This Newtons Appl Fizzics is £1.20 per bottle, so its not cheap, but it is really really nice. I loved it, whats not to love its jsut like fizzy apple juice!
Now I'm not a fan of microwave meals and this months box had 3 options inside, I just think you cant beat home cooked! We got 2 Tasty Little Numbers ready meals in Chicken Tikka Masala and Sausage with beans, they retail at £3.49. They didn't taste nice at all and for the price I wouldn't buy them again. 
This month our DB Discoveries item was some Quinola Mothergrain Mediterranean Quinoa priced at £1.99. These are ready meals aimed at children ages 3+, made with Quinoa which offers slow release carbs and protein your children will thrive and its gluten free.
I am a bit of a snacker and I am always looking for new snacks these Say Yes To No priced at £1.49 per bag. They have no artificial flavourings or colourings, they are simply toasted bread chips and the sour cream and onion ones we got are delicious. 
Now the last item definitely isn't for my family as we hate peas and no matter what flavour you make them you still will not catch us eating them!! Taking The Pea retail at £1.50 per bag and are a range of flavoured peas, perfect for snacking on the go, they come foil packed and available in 4 different flavours.

I found this months box a bit hit and miss, but that's why I love these boxes, I would never have picked up the items I don't like to even try. So the fact they came in a box means I had the opportunity to try them. If you want to try Degustabox you can get £3 off your first box by using code TTIMB at the checkout.
Thanks For Reading
*I was sent the Degustabox FOC for the purpose of an honest review

  1. I like the variety in these too as it lets you try things you wouldnt normally try!



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