Barbie Glitter Hair

We have spent that last few days testing out a new Barbie from Mattel, perfect timing to as Miss S was getting a bit bored at home. The Barbie Glitter Hair doll was just the thing to bring a smile to her face. The doll retails at £24.99 and is suitable from ages 5+
The set contains a Barbie Doll in a cute blue and pink dress, a statement necklace and black heels. Barbie has super long hair and you get 7 glitter sheets, 16 adhesive design sheets, 2 hair clips, 2 elastics, a comb and a hair clamp to do your designing.
Its really simple to get funky designs onto your Barbie's hair, comb and clamp a section of her hair, not too thick or it won't work very well. You then choose your hair transfer, peel off the plastic backing and place face down onto Barbie's hair. Give the transfer a good rub with the back of the hair comb to ease the glue sticking to the hair.
When you peel off the transfer you can see the adhesive on the hair, you then select your glitter of choice and remove the plastic backing. Just repeatedly press the glitter strip on to the hair, the glitter comes off the card and sticks to the adhesive on the hair.
It works quite well and as you have lots of strips on the the set you can play over and over again, you could even do different strips in different parts of her hair. Once you have finished creating simply take Barbie to the sink and wash and comb her hair and the glitter and adhesive just washes out,
Miss S really loves the doll, she found some parts of the process tricky to do. She does have some motor difficulty though, I think a 7 year old would be able to do it easily. Miss S loved the glittery hair and the glitter patches, she loves anything shiny, it really stimulates her senses. She loved brushing Barbie's long shiny hair and I liked that her hair doesn't get tangled in the comb. We think this is a must have doll for any Barbie collection and if you want to buy it now its on sale in Smyth's Toy store for only £18.69 via the clickable link above.
*We received the Glitter Hair Barbie FOC for the purpose of review.

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