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Next up in my back to school feature is a lovely bundle I have been sent from the people at Maped Helix. With Mr L off to high school in September I now have to provide all his stationery needs, the school provide a list of whats needed and its a bit more than just pens and pencils! 
The Maped Helix Website is a one stop shop for all of the things you could possibly if like me you have a child starting high school and they even stock home and office essentials.
The Helix Oxford premium grade glue sticks are a must have for any school child, the school projects will start flooding in quite quickly. The glue is washable, non toxic and acid free, which means it is safe even if you have little ones in the house. It is available in 2 sizes 21g and 36g sticks, the 31g stick retails at £1.66.
A pencil sharpener is a must have pencil case item and this Clean Grip pencil sharpener is really funky. It is completely closed in, so causes no mess on use. You pop the pencil in the closed hole at the top and the shavings are collected in the bottom and when you pull the pencil out the hole on the top clicks closed. Its got a great comfortable grip, which is perfect for Mr L as he struggles with grip. Its pretty cool looking and has a price tag of £4.50 and available in 5 colour options.
I love this Helix Oxford Math Set, I remember my Mum buying me one when I started high school and thinking I was dead grown up because I had it. It contains everything you will need for any maths lesson, a metal compass & pencil, 15cm ruler, 45 & 60 degree Set Squares, 180 degree protractor, lettering stencil, sharpener, rubber and a handy timetable sheet. Its all housed in a smart metal tin, so you can keep it all together. It retails at £2.40 which is a great price for all your maths needs.
While we are on the subject of maths needs I will carry on with this great Helix Oxford Scientific Calculator  which is packed with features. Its has over 240 functions, 2 big line display, auto power off, hard front cover for when not in use. The Calculator retails at around £8 and is suitable for Key stage 3 & 4 and also GCSE's. Although Mr L won't be using it straight away its a worth while piece to have in his school collection.
Some of the most important items to his school collection has got to be pens and pencils, I remember my Mum constantly replacing mine as I always used to lose them. The black pep 6 pack of pencils are a great start to his collection. Unlike some pencils these have a triangle shape so offer a better grip and easier use, the lead inside is super strong quality and easy sharpen. For a pack of 6 you are looking to pay about £3 dependant on were you shop.
I love the Twin Tip 4 classic pen, priced at around £1.65 you get 4 pens for your money. The double tip means you can use 2 different colours a the same time, with colours black, blue, red and green. The ends of the pens have a great soft grip  that runs right to the tip of the pen, this offers optimal control and comfort.
Now the last thing Mr L needed was something to keep all his stationery items inside and this Gul Pencil case is perfect. Its bright blue geometric design is really eye-catching and its the perfect length for is pens and pencils to fit inside. The stitching detail all looks great and really strong and I like that the zip has a Gul label attached to it. This will make opening and closing the pencil case much easier for Mr L as he doesn't have to battle to get the zip.
If you haven't got your back to school essentials yet then I really recommend these products from Maped Helix. You can see all these items on the above link the the Maped Helix Website, you can also follow Maped Helix on Facebook and Twitter.
Thanks For Reading
*I was sent the above samples free of charge for the purpose of review.
  1. Another great review. I remember Helix from my own school days and that was far too many years to remember lol x


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