#BackToSchool With Chewigem

As you know 3 of my 4 children have autism and part of that means they in turn struggle with sensory perceptions and sensory awareness. Miss S especially is affected but her sensory processing disorder and this makes her very anxious. When she gets anxious she needs someway to output, this manifests itself in her in chewing anything around, usually her clothes!
Chewigem products
These fab Chewigems are ideal for Miss S as they are made for the need to chew. Chewigem is a UK based chewable jewellery designed to meet the needs of those children and adults who need to chew. They are non toxic, stylish and a lot more discreet than some other chewing aides available on the market. The silicone meets FDA standards and is BPA, PVC, Lead, Latex and Phthalate free. There are many designs available and are suitable for children aged 3 and over.
Chewigem bangle
The Wave Bangle is lovely and colourful, we were sent the Pride colour option which retails at £7.95, it is also available in 3 other colours. The fun sensory bangle has a 60mm internal diameter and can fit most adults hands as it stretches. You can even stack them thanks to the bumpy grooves.
wave bangle in use
The bangle is a really nice fit on Miss S wrist and she really seems to like it. She also likes to squeeze it in her hands, which is really good exercise for her muscle tone and motor skill development. As its made from silicone its really easy to clean, you can just run it under the tap. The wave bangle is suitable for a moderate chewer, they are not indestructible so some supervision is required for children with fully developed teeth.
Chewigem eternity pendant
The Eternity Pendant is favoured by the sensory seeker, its smooth silky feel and soft silky cord are the perfect combination. The pendant is a nice big size and its really chunky, which Miss S loves and the peace colour option goes beautifully with her uniform. The eternity pendant retails at £12.95 and is available in  6 colour options.
pendant in use
Miss S seemed to like the chunkiness of this Chewigem, it wasn't long after putting it on that it found its way to her mouth! The cord has a safety clasp on the back that will break away when tugged, but use under supervision is recommended.
These are an essential back to school pieces for us Autism Parents, the initial cost is a fraction of the price of all the replacement uniform items they may chew! You can see these and the rest of the Chewigem collection via the clickable link above.
*I was sent the above 2 items FOC for the purpose of review.  
  1. One of mine sucks items rather than chewing, and he can't sit still either, so he uses a tangle at school, but I wonder if he'd actually take to one of these. The pendant is the sort of thing I find hidden in his pocket - he's particularly fond of stones and pebbles - and obviously gets in trouble when he puts them into his mouth!


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