Your 7th Year

It was 7 years ago you came hurtling into the world, nothing was stopping you making your grand entrance after less than an hour of established labour. I knew you where going to be a cheeky little madam then, I wasn't far wrong, you have certainly kept us on our toes little girl.

You have now reached your 7th year and the progress you have made this year has been amazing, thanks in part to your fabulous school, who put so much work and therapy into you.
Your speech has come on leaps and bounds, you are still classed as non verbal as you cant fully communicate verbally. If you found yourself on your own you couldn't tell someone where you lived, or your age for example. But you can certainly make your feeling known! You still refer to yourself in the third person, you can frequenlty be heard saying "Skye wants a drink" or "Skye wants white toast", these are your 2 favourite learnt phrases. All the vocabulary you do have consists of learnt phrases, songs, nursery rhymes and even reciting books you have read.

In school you have been reading the Oxford Reading Tree books and flying through them, you are currently learning to develop your grip to enable you to start learning to write. You are a whizz with technology and score highly on all the educational games put in place to test you. You don't wear nappies in school anymore but you are still having lots of accidents, we know it will click eventually, we are in no rush, as with everything little girl we will do it ALL in your own time.

You still rely heavily on your major buggy to get about, you don't cope emotionally when your not in your safe zone. Being out and about is too sensory stimulating for you, its to distracting and its safer for you to be in your buggy to prevent you bolting. Your getting a little big for your major buggy now and are on the assessment waiting list for a more suitable mode of transport. Your muscle tone in your arms and legs is getting better, you can walk for longer and don't tire as easily. You love to run around in the park and can actually keep up with your brothers now.

Food is still a bit of an issue, but you do eat more food now than you used to and even eat foods that isn't just beige. Your favourite food is still crisps and you have a mad crazy love for baked beans, they were the first non beige food you tried. You still prefer to eat using your hands, even when you have cereal for breakfast you use your hands.

Your such a happy girl, with a beautiful smile and infectious laugh. You also have the angry raging temper to balance out that personality. You are the light of our lives and bring so much joy to our family.

Happy 7th Birthday Princess

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