The Road to EHCP

Miss S has jsut come to the end of her 3rd year in her specialist school and we are only just at the point of sorting out a statment for her. It was deemed in the earlier days that she didn't need a statement, as the purpose of a statement was to inpart ensure that the child is in the correct educational provision. We were extremely lucky to get Miss S into her school without a statement, she got in on assessment and she has made massive progress. So clearly she was in the right setting, so no statement was applied for, now its swapped to the EHCP plan and all SEN children need to have one. 

The process started a few months back with a meeting at school, all straight forward, lots of different input from all the agencies involved with her. We are just at the end of the process now and it all ended today with a visit from her educational psychologist. I have been through the EP process before so knew what to expect and I knew before he got here that Miss S wouldn't be cooperative, she is very much an own agenda child and doesn't like to be directed.

The EP had previously met Miss S at school so already knew her personality and her reluctance to comply! He brought his full tool kit of tricks and was fully prepared, Miss S greeted him and instantly said 'No Bag' when she saw his bag of tricks, she knew what was coming!!

She instantly turned the TV up in a bid to drown out his requests, I switched it off in a bid to force her attention. She took little notice of him and tried every distraction technique she knows to avoid him, that was until he pulled out the building blocks. She wasn't interested in his requests to build towers or copy patterns, she just wanted to build towers and knock em down!

He was very professional and kept on trying but he was met with a barage of shouts or being ignored, he did manage to get her to identify some single picture cards. Luckily he has lots of background information on Miss S from her school teachers so he has an idea of waht she is capable of educationally.

I count myself quite lucky that he was able to come on a home visit as when Mr L had his educational psychologist visit all those years ago, he was deemed to have the educational level of a 2 year old as he just wasn't interested in the assessment process.

Its just a case now of sitting and waiting for the final reports coming in, as I said earlier it doesn't make a difference to her school place as that's secure, but it will be good to have everything she needs to help her develop written in black and white.
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