Still loving the Zelfs

We have had a delivery recently from Character Toys of some of the new range of Zelfs, Miss S has been a huge fan of the Zelfs since our twitter party before Christmas and her collection is steadily growing. The Zelfs are from the Series 5 collection, which is all about the hair, these Zelfs are priced at £5.99.
Both the Series 5 Zelfs comes wth some fab hair accessories, their little combs to style their hair, small elastic hair bands and funky rubber twists to twirl into their hair. Due to the small parts provided with these Zelfs they are only suitbale for ages 5+
Royal P the Peacock Zelf is a lovely bright blue colour, she has pink and purple hair with a lovely design printed on the front of her hair. Her motto is 'Elegant style lasts a while' and she sure does follow her motto. Turn her over and she has a beautiful fan tail, Royal P's arms, legs and head are all moveable so they make for easy play. She is very visually appealing and her soft fluffy hair offers lots of tactile touching opportunity, her moveable parts and hair pieces offer a great chance for some motor skill development.
Rose-Anne is a lovely girly pink colour, she has soft 2 toned pink hair. It perfectly matches her pink tiara and stunning pink glittery wings on her back. Her motto is 'Act naturally! It just makes zcents' As with all Zelfs you can move her arms and legs. She is great for tactile touch opportunity thanks to her 3d wings, you can run your fingers over them and feel all sorts of textures.
As predicted Miss S loved the new Zelfs, she loves the feel of their hair and the textures on their bodies. She finds the hair accessories a bit fiddly but as I said above they are great for developing her delayed motor skills. Her Zelfs collection is steadily growing, which I don't mind as I can easily add to them when they are less than £10 per Zelf, they are perfect pocket money items.
Thanks For Reading
*We where sent the above items FOC for the purpose of an honest review.
  1. I've seen Zelfs before and they just remind me too much of the trolls I used to collect when I was younger!


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