Peppa Pig Princess Rose Plush

Peppa Pig has been a staple TV show in our home for years now and we have a nice collection of some of their toys. Mr C loves to have toys in his collection that are representative of the TV shows he likes because he likes to replicate scenes from the show.
The Princess Rose Peppa plush retails at £19.99 and is the perfect gift for any little Peppa fan, she is suitable for ages 3+. She is a good size and about the correct size for the age group she is aimed at, she looks adorable in her little pink rose dress. There are a few parent bonuses in this product, the dress is attached so it can't be removed and lost (happens all the time in this house) there is zero set up involved, just take her out and shes ready to play and she comes with batteries included.
She is a really easy to use I think and I was interested to see how easy Mr C would find her to use. You see Princess Rose Peppa isn't just a cuddly toy, she sings ring a roses when you hold both of her hands. But you have to hold BOTH of her hands, as soon as you let go she stops singing. You cant really take pictures demonstrating how to use her, so I shot a little video for you.

As you can see it took a Mr C a few attempts (and a few reminders from me) to get it, but once he did get it he loved it. He loves singing along with the song and spinning round with Peppa, I didn't get any footage of Mr C playing with Miss S, but the loved playing together. Its a great toy for encouraging engaged playtime, which for my children is great. My children love this toy and I think she is a great price for a engaging fun toy, you can buy Princess Rose Peppa from the link above at the Character Toys website.
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*I was sent the above item FOC for the purposes of review

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