Moona Series 5 Crystal Zelf

Our love of the Zelfs is clear to see running through the blog and I am excited to introduce you to another member of our every growing Zelf family.
The Crystal Gemz Zelfs are the Zelfs you have always dreamed about. These magical Zelfs create wonderful dreams using their crystal powers that come from the powers of the crystals on their bodies. Every Zelf comes with its own crystal accessory. Moona the Sandman Zelf's power is dreams of imagination.
Moona Crystal Zelf is only suitable for ages 5+ due to small parts and she retails at £7.99, which is a couple of pounds more than the standard Series 5 Zelfs, but these are extra special. Moona is a lovely yellow and lilac colour. Her hair is beautifully coordinated and super soft as all Zelfs are.
 The super sparkly crystal in her tummy is really eye catching, Miss S loved looking at it and making it catch the sunlight. Turn her over and on her back are some pretty lilac wings, and the trademark Z on her back so you know she's a real 100% Zelicious Zelf.
When your not playing with her you can sit Moona on her own little moon stand, where she can sit and relax. Miss S loves her as I knew she would and she has been added to the rest of her Zelf collection, I think she likes her a little more though thanks to the crystal in her tummy, it makes her extra special.
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*I was sent the above item FOC for purposes of review
  1. My youngest Daughter has a couple of the tiny Zelfs but I may have to get her a couple of medium ones as they are super cute


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