How The Tide's Change

So if you saw my post on Wednesday Coming To The End Of A Chapter then you will have read how proud I have been of Mr L and spoke about how well he has been coping. Today we were sent hurtling back down to earth with a bump.

I noticed this morning he was stimming a lot more than usual, this is never normally a good sign, he was very calm though and the morning routine went without hitch. He wandered into class nice and calm and I walked round to take Mr C to his sports day. At around 10am I got a call on my mobile to say could I come get Mr L and wondered what the problem could be.
Mr L was waiting in the heads office with one of his TA's, wearing his ear defenders and his stimming was clearly still very fierce, I could also see he had been crying and was still very upset.

The Head explined that Mr L had been taking part in the rehersal of the Year 6 leavers assembly, as youc an imagine with around 60 children in a hall it was very noisy. The children were all being a bit silly, they are all excited about their new beginnings. One of the teachers had to raise her voice to quiten the group down and Mr L ran at her from behind when she raised her voice. He didn't knock her over or hurt her, but the shock of Mr L barging her from behind obviously shocked her.
We are incredibly lucky that the Head, the teacher involved and the rest of the staff were very understanding of how Mr L is feeling at the moment. They told him they weren't angry with him, but still his behaviour was not acceptable and he would have to stay at home for the next 2 days.

He is also missing out on the end of term trip to Gulliver's World, we are all concerned as how he will cope. He has never previously coped in this type of environment, the worry is as he is going by coach and once he is there he wont be able to leave till 3pm when the coach picks them up again. If he does have a melt down there is literally no way to get him home.

Mr L has also made the decision himself that he doesn't want to attend his leavers assembly, he just wants to go in afterwards for his shirt signing and to see all his friends at the disco. The school are happy to support Mr L in anyway to get through his last few days in school and if he changes his mind and wants to be involved then he can do so.

For now he is happy at home with us, his stimming has calmed down a little but he is still very emotional. He says he doesn't want to start a new chapter, he doesn't want things to change, he wants everything to stay the same!

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