Fireman Sam Diecast Vehicles

We have a whole collection of Fireman Sam toys from Character in our house, its one of Mr C's favourite tv shows, he loves his Fireman Sam Ocean Rescue playset and we now have the perfect toys to go along side.
The Fireman Sam Diecast 3 pack of vehicles are priced at £14.99 and are from Character, they aren't on the website yet as they are new, but you can see all the others in the collection here. The set comes with Venus, Neptune and Jupiter and are suitable for ages 3+
The vehicles are all full of detail even donw to the smallest badges on the doors. All the wheels on the vehicles move, however the doors of the vehicles do not open and the lift on the back of Jupiter does not move either.
The vehicles are all really well made and have a nice weight to them, there are some plastic moulded parts on them, but they do not come off easily. It is because of these small parts that the vehicles are only suitable for ages over 3. The wheels all really run smoothly and they are the perfect size for your little ones hands.
Mr C is just 4 and they are the perfect size for him to play with, he loved zooming them around the rug in the lounge. He is familiar with all the names of the vehicles, so it was lovely listening to him construct his own play session calling out their names as he did. The vehicles where a hit with Mr C and I am sure they will be with your Fireman Sam fan. I think the price of the pack is fair, they are well made and are built to last.
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*We where sent the above items FIC for the purposes of an open and honest review

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