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We are now into the second full week of the summer holidays and the weather has been far from summery. The rain is pretty relentless here in Manchester at the moment! We have a nice collection of items from Character Toys for review and here is the next review.
We have reviewed the perfect item for any girls who love to paint their nails just like Mum does. The Easy Nails Nail Spa from Character Toys, suitable for children aged over 5 year and priced at £29.99. The set comes with the nail studio, 2 nail varnishes, 2 spare applicators, some glitter and some gems.
Miss S is really fussy about things touching her sometimes due to her sensory processing disorder and at the time this product arrived she wasn't interested in me touching her hands. So I called in my faithful reviewers Cerys and Lyla who love anything girly.
They love pink and purple so were pleased to see one of each colour varnish in the set, they also loved the glitter and gem tubes that came with the set. They wasted no time inserting some batteries and having a go with the nail spa.
The nail spa is easy to use, it comes fully assembled once you have selected your colour you're ready to go. You place your finger on the rest and simply press the button, the first button moves the arm down and dips the brush into the nail varnish, you then press the second button on the arm and that makes the brush move backward and forwards and paints your nail for you. The finger rest is moulded and moves around for a comfortable fit, it is even big enough for adults fingers, so you can have a go when the kids aren't in!!
The only thing the girsl didn't like it that the brush also paints your skin around your nails to! But the nail varnish just peels off easily for a tidy job. Obviously this cant be helped as everyone has different sized hands so you cant expect it to be 100% precise. The girls really enjoyed using the nail spa and are pleased that they can use their own nail varnish with it as the varnish holder just extends to fit other bottle in. They loved the glitter and gems provided for added sparkle.
You can get yourself the Easy Nails Nail Spa from the link above from the Character Website, were you will find lots of other great items to get you through the school holidays.
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*I was sent the above item FOC for an honest review
  1. It's seems very expensive for what it is though.

    1. I suppose when you compare that you could do it at home for free £30 does seem a lot, the girls do love it though

  2. I think my daughter would love this!

  3. My daughter would love this!



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