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Hair! It really is the bain of my life!! My hair just cant make its mind up, it looks quite thin and lack lustre, but when its wet it turns into a big knotty mess. I have tried lots of different brushes and combs to tame the monster, but never found one I love. My current go to product is my tangle teezer, but I find the lack of handle a bit of a pain when brushing my mid length hair.
I have been sent the AirMotion Pro Hairbrush (£11.95) to try out and see how it combats my nightmare hair. I had my hair permed about 4 months ago and its still recovering, I am hoping the Air Motion Pro will be gentle on my poorly hair.
The AirMotion Pro offers 3 great features : airshock absorption, 3 different bristle lengths and stress free detangling. The airshock system sits behind the bristles and reduces the strain on your hair when brushing. The tri bristle formula offers bristles that are 3 different lengths, this means they can reach every hair in your head, a standard brush and even my favoured tangle teezer only have 1 bristle length, so your hair remains knotty underneath. The bristles have a slight rubbery texture to them, rather than just hard plastic, it feels like it will be kinder to my poor damaged hair.
The handle is the biggest benefit for me, I have mid length hair and holding my tangle teezer in my palm and pulling it through my hair means it fly's out of my hand before I get to the end of my hair. The handle on the Air Motion Pro has a rubberised coating so it offers a really good grip and it didn't even slip. The handle also as a slight curve to it and it a little flexible.
I thought there was really no way to demonstrate a hairbrush via pictures so I have done a little video, I look rough as toast as I have just got out of the shower and its a little wobbly as I am filming and brushing (must invest in a tripod)
You can see from the video that the brush catches on the bottom of my hair, I am going to point out again (like I did in video twice) it is not the brush causing this, its the poor condition of my hair. As you can see the ends of my hair are super dry and really damaged from years of hair abuse. The perm I had 4 months ago has done nothing to help it. The brush just glides through the rest of my hair and it feels really smooth afterwards. I think for the price its a great brush, I have also used it on Miss S, she has lots of sensory issues and didn't bat an eyelid when I brushed her hair with this.
Thanks For Reading
*I was sent the Air Motion Pro FOC for the purposes of review
  1. My long hair is at its most fragile when wet, so I sometimes just try to run my fingers through it initially and not brush until it is partially dry. But I certainly need a brush with a handle

  2. Great blog review and great video too. Very honest and helpful. Many thanks x


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