Easy Nails Nail Spa

We are now into the second full week of the summer holidays and the weather has been far from summery. The rain is pretty relentless here in Manchester at the moment! We have a nice collection of items from Character Toys for review and here is the next review.
We have reviewed the perfect item for any girls who love to paint their nails just like Mum does. The Easy Nails Nail Spa from Character Toys, suitable for children aged over 5 year and priced at £29.99. The set comes with the nail studio, 2 nail varnishes, 2 spare applicators, some glitter and some gems.
Miss S is really fussy about things touching her sometimes due to her sensory processing disorder and at the time this product arrived she wasn't interested in me touching her hands. So I called in my faithful reviewers Cerys and Lyla who love anything girly.
They love pink and purple so were pleased to see one of each colour varnish in the set, they also loved the glitter and gem tubes that came with the set. They wasted no time inserting some batteries and having a go with the nail spa.
The nail spa is easy to use, it comes fully assembled once you have selected your colour you're ready to go. You place your finger on the rest and simply press the button, the first button moves the arm down and dips the brush into the nail varnish, you then press the second button on the arm and that makes the brush move backward and forwards and paints your nail for you. The finger rest is moulded and moves around for a comfortable fit, it is even big enough for adults fingers, so you can have a go when the kids aren't in!!
The only thing the girsl didn't like it that the brush also paints your skin around your nails to! But the nail varnish just peels off easily for a tidy job. Obviously this cant be helped as everyone has different sized hands so you cant expect it to be 100% precise. The girls really enjoyed using the nail spa and are pleased that they can use their own nail varnish with it as the varnish holder just extends to fit other bottle in. They loved the glitter and gems provided for added sparkle.
You can get yourself the Easy Nails Nail Spa from the link above from the Character Website, were you will find lots of other great items to get you through the school holidays.
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*I was sent the above item FOC for an honest review

Peppa Pig Princess Rose Plush

Peppa Pig has been a staple TV show in our home for years now and we have a nice collection of some of their toys. Mr C loves to have toys in his collection that are representative of the TV shows he likes because he likes to replicate scenes from the show.
The Princess Rose Peppa plush retails at £19.99 and is the perfect gift for any little Peppa fan, she is suitable for ages 3+. She is a good size and about the correct size for the age group she is aimed at, she looks adorable in her little pink rose dress. There are a few parent bonuses in this product, the dress is attached so it can't be removed and lost (happens all the time in this house) there is zero set up involved, just take her out and shes ready to play and she comes with batteries included.
She is a really easy to use I think and I was interested to see how easy Mr C would find her to use. You see Princess Rose Peppa isn't just a cuddly toy, she sings ring a roses when you hold both of her hands. But you have to hold BOTH of her hands, as soon as you let go she stops singing. You cant really take pictures demonstrating how to use her, so I shot a little video for you.

As you can see it took a Mr C a few attempts (and a few reminders from me) to get it, but once he did get it he loved it. He loves singing along with the song and spinning round with Peppa, I didn't get any footage of Mr C playing with Miss S, but the loved playing together. Its a great toy for encouraging engaged playtime, which for my children is great. My children love this toy and I think she is a great price for a engaging fun toy, you can buy Princess Rose Peppa from the link above at the Character Toys website.
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*I was sent the above item FOC for the purposes of review

Syn Free Chinese Spice Salmon

If you follow my blog or follow any of my social media accounts you may have noticed that this week I joined Slimming World. I wrote this post explaining why I joined and its only the end of day 2 and I am already loving the plan.
I have been getting to grips with my books and seeing all the amazing free foods I can have, today for tea I had some salmon out and made a lovely salmon pasta with chinese 5 spice from my store cupboard. It was completely syn free and was absolutely delicious.
2 Salmon Fillets
1 Red or White Onion Which ever you prefer
2 Full Peppers 
10 Baby Corn
Chinese 5 Spice
You can add any other veggies you like but I love the combination of these
Serve with rice or pasta
Preheat oven to190 degrees
Line a casserole dish with tin foil over hanging the edges
Spray with fry light
Place salmon skin side down
Place onions, corn and peppers around the salmon
Shake on Chinese 5 spice to evenly covered
Pull the over hanging edges of foil to make a parcel
Pop in over for 20-25 minutes
Cook pasta or rice whilst waiting

Beados Designer Gem Studio

Now its the school holidays I am pulling every available resource to keep the children busy during this awful weather we have been having. We love anything creative and the Beados Designer Gem Studio which retails at £19.99 and is right up our Lyla's street. It is suitable for children aged over 4 due to the small pieces in the set.
Beados are the magic beads that join together with a spray of water. No heat, no glue, no mess! Use your templates to make up your designs, spray with water and wow you've created Beados! Making precious Beados jewellery is easier than ever.
The gem studio requires only a little set up, you just need to clip the supporting frame onto the base and the bead loader and you're ready to go. The set contains
  • 1 Gem Studio
  • 500 Gem Beads
  • 1 Necklace with Clasp
  • 1 Additional Clasp
  • 2 Rubber Bands
  • 1 Necklace Pendant
  • 1 Ring
  • 6 Connector Plugs
  • 1 Bracelet
  • 5 Bracelet Discs
  • 2 Bead Trays
  • 6 Design Templates
  • 1 Bead Scoop
  • 1 Spray
We love the bead selector that allows you to sort all your beads into colour order, the bead selector is really easy to turn to. Once you have selected your gem colour you press the button on the bead pen and it loads your gems.
There are 6 design templates to chose from and make into whatever type of jewellery that you like. Its really simple to use and great for some hand eye coordination development. You match the colours of your beads to the colours in your design template. If you want to mix it up a bit and have some crazy designs then you can always just select what ever colours you like.
Once you have your completed design you simply spray it with water and leave it to set, you then connect it to whatever piece of jewellery you want to make. The set comes with 2 design trays so whilst one design is drying you can get busy making another piece. We made a few and found they held together really well and Lyla enjoyed making them. I think the fact you get 500 gems to start with is great as you can make lots of pieces. 
We think its a fab piece of kit for all these rainy days that we have been getting, its a great price for all the pieces you get in the kit. If you head over to the link above you can buy the Designer Studio as well as several add on kits.
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*We were sent the above item FOC for the purpose of review.

The Furchester Hotel Magazine

If you have a pre schooler who's getting a bit of cabin fever in this rubbish weather then get yourself down to your local newsagent today and grab the NEW Furchester Hotel Magazine from Cbeebies for only £2.75.
If your 4 year old is anything like mine as soon as we walk into the shop he is mithering for a magazine, he doesn't alway get one. But when he does he plays with the plastic tat you get on the front and after a few flicks of the magazine he discards it. 
What I love about this particular magazine is that it support the early years curriculum and is jam packed with activities including writing, maths, mark making and even colouring. There is even the old favourite of all 4 year olds stickers.
Mr C loved the first page which is set out like a guestbook, just like you get in a hotel. He loved writing his name, choosing his favourite food and drawing a self portrait of himself.
There is factual pages about some of the Furchester Hotel staff and guests, each page has a different little quizzes and puzzles. None of them are too difficult and Mr C really enjoyed them, the magazine held his attention more than any other magazine we have bought him.
As with most magazine you get a free gift stuck to the front, in this particular issue you get a fun portrait making kit. You get lots of different frames and bits and pieces that make some of your Furchester Hotel favourites.
As you can see Mr C wanted to make Cookie Monster and he is very proud of it! He has put it next to his bed for safe keeping. He has enough materials left to make at least 2 more frames, so I have hidden the pieces as its a perfect rainy day activity.
Its really hard to review a magazine in pictures alone, so myself and Mr C did a little YouTube video and flicked through the magazine to show you whats inside.
The Furchester Hotel Magazine is available in all good newsagents priced at £2.75 and a new issue is published every 4 weeks. We highly recommend it for all Furchester Hotel fans.
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* I was provided with a 1 year magazine subscription as a Thank You for this review.

Staying Dry at Night with DryNites® Review & Giveaway

Bedwetting is a perfectly normal part of growing up and affects almost 600,000 children in the UK every year. It is important that your child feels confident to help them overcome the bedwetting phase, DryNites is working to help parents inspire confidence in the children both day and night. The DryNites confident kids 24/7 campaign aims to provide parents with helpful tools and advice to boost their child's confidence and overcome challenges such as bedwetting. DryNites pyjama pants offer discreet, age appropriate protection for your child to help them feel as grown-up at night as they do during the day. Visit www.drynites.co.uk to find out more.
I have been sent some of the DryNites bed mats and the pyjama pants to try out with Mr C, he has been dry during the day for 18 months but he still isn't fully dry at night. The Drynites make him feel a bit more secure as he can pull them up and down himself. The problem we have with him is he sleeps so deeply once he is actually asleep.
The DryNites pyjama pants are available in 3 sizes 3-5, 4-7 and 8-15 years so they have got plenty of time to master the night time shift. They are really discreet and not at all bulky, the materials have been chosen so they do not rustle and they are super soft and stretchy. They completely mould themselves to the child's body and under their pyjamas you cannot tell they have them on.
I was surprised at how much liquid they held, as Mr C holds his wee until he burst, that usually happens when he is relaxed and sleeping, so they give me piece of mind if he doesn't wake up. Mr C really likes the fact that his pyjama pants have dinosaurs all over them! They are around £5 a packet and you get 10 in the pack, they are on offer as Asda at the moment for 2 for pack for £7.
I have to say the DryNites bed mats remind me of puppy training pads, but then I suppose they are the same concept. They have a highly absorbent material that provides great protection, on the back they have a peelable tab which when removed means the mat will be secured in place on the bed under the sheet. They are around £4 for a pack of 7 mats.
These would be perfect for taking on holidays, its always a worry for us when away, I hate to see how much you would be charged for a ruined mattress.

I am partnering with DryNites to offer one of you a fantastic bedtime kit to help encourage confidence at night time. The kit includes 4 packs of DryNites Pyjama Pants and 2 packs of DryNites Bed Mats, for your chance to win just fill in the rafflecopter below. Please read the terms and conditions before entering.
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    A New Beginning With Slimming World

    I have battled with my weight for years, I have been steadily gaining weight since I starting a family back in 2004. Losing weight didnt seem important as I was too busy raising the children and Dave loves me no matter what I look like. But the weight has slowly and steadily piled on and it is only now it has started bothering me. I don't like the way my body looks or the way my clothes fit so I knew it was time to make a change.

    I have tried ever fad diet going, meal replacement, soup diets, fasting diets even weight watchers. I have never managed to stick to any for more than 2 weeks and any weight I did lose piled back on afterwards plus extra. After doing lots of reading I decided that I wanted to try Slimming World.

    The plan was to start as soon as I got back from holiday in mid June, but it never happened, I have spent the time between then and now putting off going. Last night I decided today would be THE day that I go to group and sign up.

    I went! I have all my books, I have a lovely group leader called Julia and the other people who attend all seem lovely. I have the option of the 5pm group or the 7pm group so I can juggle the children.

    I have had my initial weigh in which I am going to keep private for now but once the weight starts to come off I am hoping to be brave enough to share my start weight. I have lots of food ideas thanks to lots of blog reading and the Slimming World website.

    So tomorrow morning is the first day of my Slimming World journey, the journey to what I hope will be a slimmer and healthier me.

    I plan to blog my weekly weigh in and share some of my meals, so see you next week and fingers crossed for a good first week.

    Join Me for a #PlasticineSofteez Twitter Party

    We love a good twitter party and we have another one coming up on Wednesday 5th August between 2pm - 4pm.  The party will showcase the new plasticine Softeez range for Autumn/Winter, the range is aimed at ages 3-7 but is perfect for any age. New Plasticine Softeez has the stability of original Plasticine and never dries out, but it is softer and easier to model.
    As party hosts we have been sent a huge range of the Plasticine to try out and complete some activities during the party.
    We get to make our own softeez cupcake, after we have designed them on our colouring sheets. We also have the fabulous Under The Sea playset,colouring in sheets and we are even going to have a snake making contest!!
    Once all the funs is over we have some yummy cake and some great goodie bags to send our guests home with.
    So make sure you are following me @rtr_blog and @UKMumsTv over on twitter, the fun starts Wednesday 5th August from 2pm - 4pm and don' forget to use #PlasticineSofteez your chance to win lots of great prizes.
    See You There!

    Air Motion Pro Hairbrush

    Hair! It really is the bain of my life!! My hair just cant make its mind up, it looks quite thin and lack lustre, but when its wet it turns into a big knotty mess. I have tried lots of different brushes and combs to tame the monster, but never found one I love. My current go to product is my tangle teezer, but I find the lack of handle a bit of a pain when brushing my mid length hair.
    I have been sent the AirMotion Pro Hairbrush (£11.95) to try out and see how it combats my nightmare hair. I had my hair permed about 4 months ago and its still recovering, I am hoping the Air Motion Pro will be gentle on my poorly hair.
    The AirMotion Pro offers 3 great features : airshock absorption, 3 different bristle lengths and stress free detangling. The airshock system sits behind the bristles and reduces the strain on your hair when brushing. The tri bristle formula offers bristles that are 3 different lengths, this means they can reach every hair in your head, a standard brush and even my favoured tangle teezer only have 1 bristle length, so your hair remains knotty underneath. The bristles have a slight rubbery texture to them, rather than just hard plastic, it feels like it will be kinder to my poor damaged hair.
    The handle is the biggest benefit for me, I have mid length hair and holding my tangle teezer in my palm and pulling it through my hair means it fly's out of my hand before I get to the end of my hair. The handle on the Air Motion Pro has a rubberised coating so it offers a really good grip and it didn't even slip. The handle also as a slight curve to it and it a little flexible.
    I thought there was really no way to demonstrate a hairbrush via pictures so I have done a little video, I look rough as toast as I have just got out of the shower and its a little wobbly as I am filming and brushing (must invest in a tripod)
    You can see from the video that the brush catches on the bottom of my hair, I am going to point out again (like I did in video twice) it is not the brush causing this, its the poor condition of my hair. As you can see the ends of my hair are super dry and really damaged from years of hair abuse. The perm I had 4 months ago has done nothing to help it. The brush just glides through the rest of my hair and it feels really smooth afterwards. I think for the price its a great brush, I have also used it on Miss S, she has lots of sensory issues and didn't bat an eyelid when I brushed her hair with this.
    Thanks For Reading
    *I was sent the Air Motion Pro FOC for the purposes of review

    #MySundayPhoto - 26/07/2015

    Last weekend was Miss S 7th birthday, her Uncle visitied on the Sunday with a gift for her. Miss S is obsessed with Kinder Egg unwrapping videos, so he decided to buy her 30 Kinder Eggs so she could do all her own unwrappings.
    He gave her the gift bags with all the eggs and she was stimming her little self happy, I then made the mistake of going in to the kitchen to make my Sister In Law a cuppa, we got chatting and I realised that we had been stood for 10 minutes, got carried away talking about my new baby Niece.
    I said lets go sit in the lounge, still not realising I had left the bag with Miss S, as we walked into the hallway this is the sight that met us
    She had unwrapped 20 of them and crumbled the chocolate into little pieces, I don't know if she was looking for something in particular, but she musn't have found it as she wasn't happy when I took the bag off her!!


    Chemist Direct Review

    I was provided with a £50 voucher to spend at Chemist Direct and review the service, I needed to stock up on some family essentials such as shower gel, shampoo and suncream for the school holidays and they had advertised on the front page of lots of special offers. I managed to get some really good deals.

    I placed my order on a Thursday afternoon and it arrived on the Saturday afternoon, so it was a really quick service, I think it helped that all my items where in stock. I had previously used Chemist Direct and an item was out of stock and my whole order was held until it arrived.
    I used the review opportunity to stock up on some regular family essentials that as a family of 6 run down really quickly. I noticed as I was browsing that Chemist Direct offer some really great bulk buy deals which are ideal if you are a large family like us.
    Dentyl Active Complete Care - £3.29
    Colgate Total Massager Toothbrushes x 6  - £5.70
    Simple Moisturising Shampoo - £1.39
    Simple Moisturising Bath - £1.39
    Gliss Total Repair Shampoo - £1.29
    Gliss Total Repair Conditioner - £1.09
    Malibu Once Daily Factor 50 Lotion Spray - £2.60
    Malibu Kids Factor 30 Sun Lotion - £2.40
    Nivea Men Sensitive Shower Gel - £1.69
    Radox Refresh 2in1 Shower & Shampoo - £1.49
    Wilkinson Sword Quattro Razor Blades - £5.79
    Wilkinson Sword Intuition Razor - £5.99
    Nuk 2in1 Baby Thermometer - £20.99
    My total order came to £55.10, I went online and had a look around at prices to see what I saved myself, overall Chemist Direct came in cheaper on most items. The Nuk 2in1 thermometer was my biggest bargain with a saving of nearly £5, my old thermometer just died and this is a great replacement.

    I found the whole process easy, the website it great to navigate, you can add items to your basket without having to see the checkout page each time which it great. You also have a running total so you can see how much you are spending. The delivery as I said above was super quick and all the items came securely packed and bubble wrapped.
    Thanks For Reading

    The Road to EHCP

    Miss S has jsut come to the end of her 3rd year in her specialist school and we are only just at the point of sorting out a statment for her. It was deemed in the earlier days that she didn't need a statement, as the purpose of a statement was to inpart ensure that the child is in the correct educational provision. We were extremely lucky to get Miss S into her school without a statement, she got in on assessment and she has made massive progress. So clearly she was in the right setting, so no statement was applied for, now its swapped to the EHCP plan and all SEN children need to have one. 

    The process started a few months back with a meeting at school, all straight forward, lots of different input from all the agencies involved with her. We are just at the end of the process now and it all ended today with a visit from her educational psychologist. I have been through the EP process before so knew what to expect and I knew before he got here that Miss S wouldn't be cooperative, she is very much an own agenda child and doesn't like to be directed.

    The EP had previously met Miss S at school so already knew her personality and her reluctance to comply! He brought his full tool kit of tricks and was fully prepared, Miss S greeted him and instantly said 'No Bag' when she saw his bag of tricks, she knew what was coming!!

    She instantly turned the TV up in a bid to drown out his requests, I switched it off in a bid to force her attention. She took little notice of him and tried every distraction technique she knows to avoid him, that was until he pulled out the building blocks. She wasn't interested in his requests to build towers or copy patterns, she just wanted to build towers and knock em down!

    He was very professional and kept on trying but he was met with a barage of shouts or being ignored, he did manage to get her to identify some single picture cards. Luckily he has lots of background information on Miss S from her school teachers so he has an idea of waht she is capable of educationally.

    I count myself quite lucky that he was able to come on a home visit as when Mr L had his educational psychologist visit all those years ago, he was deemed to have the educational level of a 2 year old as he just wasn't interested in the assessment process.

    Its just a case now of sitting and waiting for the final reports coming in, as I said earlier it doesn't make a difference to her school place as that's secure, but it will be good to have everything she needs to help her develop written in black and white.
    Thanks For Reading

    Parcelgenie Texting Service

    Have you ever woken up and wanted to do something nice for a friend but the idea of dragging yourself around the shops puts you off? Well Parcelgenie have got you covered with their new texting service, you may already be familiar with the Parcelgenie app you can download but the text service allows you to bypass the app altogether.
    You have a choice of 10 different gifts to choose from, whether you would like to send your mate a gourmet pizza, a good luck charm or even some love hearts its really simple to use. Just text the gift number 07480 357021, tell them your chosen gift and your mates mobile number and then pay for your gift. Your mate will then get a message telling them that you would like to send them a gift and requests their address, simple right? Oh and if your a first time user of the text service you automatically get a 50% discount off your first purchase.

    I was given the opportunity to try the new service out for myself and provided with 2 redeem codes, I had a look round and chose the gifts I wanted to send, I sent one to myself (of course so I could see the efficient service, and treat myself!) and one to my aunt.
    Both where ordered on a Thursday evening and I was so surprised when they arrived in the post on the Friday morning, super service!
    The hot chocolate and cookie set I sent myself was gift wrapped in a lush purple paper and had a lovely gift tag. I thought it looked lovely and for less than £5 would be a lovely little gift to send our friend.
    I really enjoyed the hot chocolate and cookie when the children where all in bed! It was a lovely treat and if it had been sent to my by someone as a gift I would be chuffed to receive it also! My aunt is mad on candle so as soon as I the flowers tealights I knew if was those I had to order for her.
    They came beautifully gift wrapped again and with a lovely message, she said you could smell the candles through the box and she was excited to open them.
    The candles are really pretty and all come I their own tea light holders
    My aunt was over the moon with them and couldn't wait to start using them, she agrees the service is efficient and she will also be using it to send some little gifts to her friends.
    Thanks For Reading
    *I was provided with 2 free codes to try the service
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