Year 6 Activity Week

Mr L is swiftly nearing the end of Year 6, to celebrate the end of SAT's and their move to high school his teachers arranged a fun activity week for the whole of year 6. I have know all about it for a few months and spent all that time preparing Mr L for it. The whole thing kicked off with a days fun and team building at school, followed by overnight camping. At first Mr L was having none of the idea of camping, but he slowly warmed to the idea and really wanted to do it. We packed all his kit up and sent him off to school expecting a call at around midday to say collect him after school as he changed his mind. The call never came, 4pm ticked by, then 5pm and still no phone call. I was astounded and a little proud, I was so sure he wouldn't cope. It got to 9pm and my phone went, he was ready to come home! He had made it through all the activities, as it was time to settle for the night he got panicky and wanted to come home. We only live round the corner from school so Dave ran round to get him, he was sleeping 5 minutes after he got in, so a sign of an enjoyable day. He is a boy of home comforts, so I didn't for a minute think he would camp out, but I am so proud he lasted as long as he did.

The rest of the week was full of a activities, a different one each day at a different venue across Manchester. It was all about team building and working together and Mr L threw himself into each activity. He was full of chatter each night when we collected him, telling us all about his day and how much he enjoyed spending time with his friends.

He loved the pond dipping, he was full of information about all the creatures he got out of the pond. He took part in canoeing, he's not a swimmer, so again I was unsure of how he would do on this day, but he loved it. He also did some raft building, which he loved. He loves anything with his hands and got stuck right in with the group. School have been great with him and pre arragend that he was a in a group with his most close friends. He was most looking forward to archery on the 3rd day, and he tells me he was really good at it! Conversations can be very few and far between with Mr L, so it has been lovely to hear him talk so animatedly about all the things he had been doing with his friends.
The last activity of the week was a trip to Chill Factor for a spot of tubing, Mr L's TA told us he couldn't stop eating the fake snow all day! This is very typical for him, his PICA goes into overdrive when in a new surroundings. He really wants to go back to Chill Factor as he wants to learn to snowboard, so we are excited at the prospect of a new activity for him to do.
This is the first year that school have done anything like this for the year 6 children, and I think its a wonderful idea. Mr L now has lots of special memories with all his primary school friends, and it gave us the chance to see him do things he wouldn't normally do.
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  1. Well done your boy! It sounds like he did really well on the camping day....At least he gave it a try!
    The week sounds like a lot of fun! What a treat to end school with x

  2. That's really lovely! What a brilliant thing for your school to do and it sounds like Mr L really threw himself in and enjoyed everything.

  3. sounds like an amazing week for him! #ssaa

  4. Bless him! I sent my son on a three day trip to Cumbria and I really did have visions of a three hour drive at midnight to go and fetch him home! But he stayed the whole time and thoroughly enjoyed himself. They do surprise us!

  5. WOW what a week and it sounds like he coped so well with all the different activities. Ethan's school have been taking the children camping and I keep thinking how will that work with us lol. I'm so glad he lasted as long as he did that night and gave it his best shot.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


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