The Big Bed Transition

My 3 previous children although not great sleepers have always preferred their own beds, they like the space and comfort. With Mr C he turned 3 and got all clingy and has been in my bed nearly every night since, and we have let him. Not really out of choice but when you have 3 autistic children who don't sleep very well you don't need a 3 year old screaming the landing down as he doesn't want to be in his own bed! I am collaborating with Hello Home part of the Worlds Apart Family in getting Mr C into his own bed every night.

Hello Home combines smart design with stylish touches and you'll find everything you need to create the bedroom of your dreams. Whether your looking for a toddler bed that softens the transition from cot, or a character bed with nigh time comfort, they offer a solution for every child and every budget. The character range is extensive including some of my children favourite Disney Princess, Disney Cars and Star Wars.

When he was a baby Mr C had a travel cot downstairs and a full size cot upstairs, we totally skipped the Moses basket/crib stage. He was my 4th child and I learnt after my 2nd born that they Moses baskets/cribs are a waste of money as they aren't in them long enough, and there is no reason why they cannot go straight into a cot. He stayed in his cot until around 18 months, it was at this stage he was able to climb out of his cot, so it was safer to move him into a bed. We bought him a lovely little HelloHome Thomas the Tank toddler bed from World Apart, he was Thomas mad so it went down a storm. The range of toddler beds from Hello Home is immense, there is so much choice compared to when I got Mr C's, they even do a lovely little cream coloured on with a built in night light called the Starbright toddler bed.
He was happy sleeping in this and went to bed at 7pm most nights, he would get up at around 5am and creep into our bed for cuddles. I didn't mind that too much as 5am its only 1 hour before the alarm clock goes off. His sleep issues started when he started Nursery in September, he was unsure of his new nursery and it seemed to unsettle him. He also started suffering from night terrors and we just got in the habit of letting him in our bed to quieten the house down again. 
We decided after our holiday the end was nigh and it was high time he got used to his own bed again. He is 4 now and old enough to understand rules etc. He was in need of a new bed as he is a bit tall for his toddler bed now. Plus the pull of a new bed seemed like a good bit of bribery tack to get Mr C to stay in his bed. He is mad into Cars the movie so the Cars 2 Sleep Tight Single Bed(rrp from £169) seemed like a good way to go. The bed came completely flat pack (my worst nightmare) but from a glance of the instructions looked pretty straight forward to build.
For a flat pack the instructions where crystal clear and it was really easy to decipher the individual items and identify the screws etc. All the screw hole where tidily marked and in the correct places, I have built so much flat pack where the screw holes where in the wrong place! The wood is all nicely painted and colour coordinated with the Cars theme of the bed. 
It took myself and Dave 15 minutes to build the bed between us, quite impressive even for us two. The bed feels really sturdy and has 2 middle supporting legs as well as the ones either end. This offers great stability to the bed and supports the wooden slats nicely. There was a fair bit of dragging about on the laminate whilst we built the bed and I am impressed that none of the paint or wood scratched or chipped.
The head and foot board have the lovely Cars design on, with Cody's favourite Lightning McQueen on, the rest of the bed is colour coded accordingly to. I love the look of the bed and Mr C loves it too! I also purchased him some matching bedding!
The proof is always in the pudding when it comes to new beds! We have been preparing Mr C for the bed for a few weeks now, so he knew it was coming. We built the bed whilst he was at school and made a big deal on the way home telling him we had built it specially for him, how he was a big boy and he needs his own space in his big boy bed.
He was in an excited frenzy by the time he got home and was eager to see it! He ran straight upstairs and was he loved it! He was insistent that he wanted to go to bed straight away. I told him he needed his tea and bath first and he reluctantly agreed. He normally goes to sleep around 7pm, but he was adamant at 6.30 he wanted to go to bed! I said OK and tucked him in.
I didn't think he would last long, however I went up 10 minutes later and he sure enough was fast asleep. Maybe it was beginners luck, maybe not but he stayed all night, so I'm taking it as a small victory. I definitely think all the excitement and the build up to the bed coming helped. Mr C is over the moon with his bed and so are me and his Dad as we get our bed back!
Thanks For Reading
*I was sent the bed FOC for the purposes of review

  1. my son has just gone from a toddler bed to a single bed :((

  2. 15 minutes to put together a bed is flipping awesome! It's a great bed too - and a nice price! :)


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