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We moved Mr L into his own room a fair few months ago, we painted the walls white to make it a blank canvas and left it at that. He isn't into to block colour, he said he finds it distracting. He has seen a few posters he would like for the walls, and he agreed to some removable wall vinyls. We have been sent 2 great items from Spin Collective to try out on Mr L's walls.
I loved the font in the Name Letters 2 on the Spin Collective website, price is dependant on how many letters you require. In a choice of 20 colours and each letter an impressive 20cms each, it makes a good looking mural on a wall in his room. For Logan it would cost £20, now I have had a similar vinyl in the past for a fraction of the price, however here you are definitely paying for quality. You can feel the thickness of the vinyl and no matter how many times you reapply it doesn't lose sticky.
The Comic Pow Splat Wall Stickers also £20 are set of 26 vinyl's each measuring between 15cm and 30cm each. They come spread over 2 sheets of paper, I found it easier to cut all them all out individually so I could position them whenever I wanted on the wall. Application of the vinyl's is really easy, see pictures below.
It was definitely easier applying them individually, place the vinyl design side up and using the applicator tool smooth it over a few times to get rid of any air bubbles. Turn over and peel off the white paper backing, its then ready to apply to the wall. Make sure they surface is clean and dust free before putting into position, smooth over another few times once in place and peel off the clear top layer of film.
These are just 2 of the huge range of vinyl stickers available from Spin Collective, they have stickers for every room in your home. They even offer a lovely range of tile wall stickers if you want to jazz up your kitchen or bathroom tiles with something a bit different. For the quality you get they are worth the cost, they get a big thumbs up from us.
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*I was sent the above 2 samples free of charge for the purpose of an honest review.

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