My Chemist Direct Experience

I was contacted and offered the chance to review the Chemist Direct Website, I had a look round and there where some great deals on offer. I was given a £50 code and set about ordering some toiletries and also some bits for our upcoming holiday.
The layout of the website was good, it was easy to find the items that I wanted and there where some great bulk buy deals on offer. What really bugged me though is that when I added an item to my basket there is no option to carry on shopping and it took you to your basket every time. I am happy to say that since my order was placed the website has now been updated and you can click away adding what you need and carry on shopping without viewing the basket every time.
I placed my order on May 8th and was told I would be kept updated on the progress of my order, I didn't foresee an issue as all the products I ordered where displayed as in stock.

A long 10 days went by and I had heard nothing and received no updates, I then received and email saying 1 item was out of stock and my order was being withheld until the missing item arrived. The date for the missing item to arrive was given as May 20th. This date came and went and I checked online at my order progress and the order was still processing. I then got another email saying the item was still out of stock but would be in by May 24th. The same day I received a phone call from a customer service advisor, she was very apologetic about the delay in my order, but said the missing item would be in the next day and my order would be dispatched.

I checked online the next day and the item was still out of stock, I needed some of the items in the order for my holiday on the 2nd June, so it was getting tight for time, plus I was getting a bit miffed that I had already waited 16 days! The item that was causing all the delays was the Intuition Razor that I had ordered. So I dropped them an email asking them the change the razor to a Quattro razor and also some quattro blades. I received a really quick response saying my order had been changed as requested and I would get an updated dispatch note. This came the next day and it was dispatched immediately, only problem being the new dispatch note stated only the razor had been swapped, not the blades. I immediately contacted them via email to tell them this was the case but received no response, I could of rang them but to be honest after all the messing about I didn't fancy speaking to anyone from the team, my parcel arrived the next day, a disappointing 21 days after my initial order.
Johnsons Baby Shampoo - £1.89
Gilette Mach 3 Blades - £6.59
NelsonsTeething Granules - £3.99
Theramed Toothpaste - £1 each
Colgate 3 pack of Toothbrushes - £1.49 per pack
Lansinoh Breast Pads - £2.59
Nivea Lip Care - £3.99 BOGOF
Steroplast First Aid Kit - £7.99
Malibu Aftersun - £3.99 BOGOF
Intuition Razor Blades - £6.49
Johnsons 2in1 Wash - £1.69
Quattro Razor - £5.79
Right Guard Deodorant - £1.29 each
My order came to £49.78, I did an online comparison with a well known grocery retailer and could get all the above items for a cost of £50.22. Honestly for the sake of a few pence I would in future stick with the grocery store. Chemist Direct where a big let down for me, my order took 21 days to arrive and I am now stuck with blades for a razor I don't own and no blades for the one that I ordered. Worth a mention is the email I sent stating the blades where incorrect still hasn't been responded to, so a big thumbs down here.
Thanks For Reading
*I was sent a £50 voucher in order to provide an honest review of the Chemist Direct Service 

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