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I have been a big fan of Mam Baby since Mr D was a tiny baby and still love it today. You may have seen the giveaway currently running in conjunction with Mam, they also sent me some goodies for Mr C and Miss S to try out.
I have been a long time user of the Mam learn to drink cups. Even at 4 & 7 they still use them as it saves spills on my floor. Also Miss S is very clumsy and doesn't have a great grip so a lidded beaker is a must for her. 
Available in 2 different sizes 150ml and 270ml, I opted for the larger priced at £5.99. The hard spout makes a easier transition to a normal cup. You have the option to have the cup as free flow or with the addition of the silicone valve it becomes spill proof. I love the moulded design as it makes holding the cup easier. The cup is available in 3 colourss pink, blue and yellow. It is also dishwasher safe. I love the bright designs, they are very visually appealingly.
The sports beaker is more suitable for an older child with its more open lid that they suck the juice from. It also has a nice curved edge to it to make it easy for little hands to hold on to. Mr C loves the robots design!
The sports cup holds 330mls of liquid and has the same valve as the learn to drink cup. This means you can have it free flow or spill proof. I like the latter as it really is spill proof, I have had lots of cups that claim to be spill proof but still leave a puddle when they tip. The cup is available in 3 colours, pink, blue and green and priced at £5.99.
Out of the 2 cups the children both seem to prefer the sports cup. They are all lovely bright colours with funky characters on the front. I think also for Miss S she liked that she didn't have to work to hard to get a drink out, of course without the valve the cups are free flow.
I was also sent a pack of the Learn To Brush Sets priced at £6.50. In the pack you get 2 brushes and a brush guard. The longer brush is perfect for first brushing as it allows you and baby to hold the brush. The plastic shield can be attached to either brush, its perfect for independant brushing as it stops them putting the brush to far into their mouth. I have lost count of the amount of times my little ones ahve done this. Once they have the hang of brushing they can have the smaller brush, with its curved handle and ergonomic grips its perfect for little hands.
To see these and the rest of the range just click on any of the links above to see the Mam Store. You can find everything from bottle to soothers for your child at every stage.
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*I was sent the above items FOC for the purposes of review

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