Guest Post from Ickle Pickle - Travelling By Car With a Toddler

I am two and a half years old, and I have my own blog over at IcklePicklesLife
I travel with Mummy and my brother and sister quite bit, so would like to share some of my travel tips with you.
  1. Start your journey, if you can, within my normal routine. As in, after breakfast, lunch or dinner. In the morning I will be wide awake, and happy to play some games, but after lunch I will probably feel sleepy. If you are travelling after dinner, you might want to wait until me bedtime, so I will fall asleep (hopefully!)
  2. I will know that we are doing something differently, so will be excited, and may act a bit differently too.
  3. I like simple Eye Spy – Mummy asks me if I can see a tree, or the sheep, or a birdie.
  4.  I LOVE stickers. They keep me very happy for quite a while! Mummy gives me a little book to put them in too.
  5. Mummy has a baking tray, which fits perfectly on my knee in my car seat, and keeps everything from falling off.
  6. I will need a drink, my favourite snacks, my dummy, my sheety – the things I love, so Mummy makes sure they are all in a bag near me, that my bro or sis can reach.
  7.  Take some spares of the above too!
  8. Mummy always makes a stop (or two) depending on how far we are travelling, and we all get out to stretch our legs.
  9. Chunky colouring crayons and a new colouring book make me happy! The crayons won’t snap or wear away.
  10. If all else fails, a new little surprise will keep me busy – even a toy I have that I haven’t seen for a while!
Happy travelling – do you have any tips to share?
I would love you to pop over to my blog and say Hi!
Ickle Pickle x

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