A to Z Magnatab from Great Gizmos

We love a good sensory and educational toy in our household, having 3 children on the spectrum of varying need means any toy that offers a learning experience gets a thumbs up from us. We where recently sent a fabulous A to Z Magnatab from Great Gizmos for review.
The A to Z Magnatab retails at £29.95 which for the function seems a tad expensive, but for special needs families like ours its a worthwhile investment. The Magnatab is available in upper case and lower case letters and suitable for ages 3+. It offers a great sensory experience for the user, you can feel the pull of the magnet as you move the pen around the letter. There is also the click you hear when the balls pop up to the top of the tab.
The Magnatab can help develop fine motor skills, coordination and language skills. When a child uses sensory memory they better retain information, so it really offers a great all round learning experience. The tab comes with a little red pen, one end is used to attract the balls and fill the wholes in the letters, the other end is used to make the balls drop back down.
I love the fact that the balls don't come out of the Magnatab, I can imagine the nightmare that would be my floor is Miss S could get her hands on them. She just loves to spread things about!!
Miss S really seemed to like the Magnatab, she spent a while going over the letters and saying them out loud. She also really enjoyed shaking it up and down and she loved the sound it made when she shook it. Miss S attends a specialist autism school and a lot of focus is put on letter formation, so the Magnatab is a great piece to have at home. I like that at the side of the letters there is arrows showing you which way you should move the pen.
I think the Magnatab is a great addition as a learning tool, and worth the £30 spend, especially if you have children with additional needs. Its definitely going to get a lot of use from all of the children in our house, even the older ones who struggle with poor grip.
To see this and more in the Great Gizmo range just click the link above, there are some fab educational toys on offer.
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*I was sent the above item FOC for the purposes of an open and honest review.

  1. What a really good idea. With five grandchildren I shall consider buying one when I have read up on it more.


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