We love the Cloudbabies

Mr C's favourite part of the day is his wind down half hour before its time to go to sleep, he has a few favourite programmes that he likes to watch before its time for no technology. The Cloudbabies where a regular feature and Mr C was a little sad when it finished on CBeebies. That lovely little smile on his face is now back thanks to some lovely Cloudbabies we got sent for review.
The beautiful My First Baba Blue is so adorable, wearing his little blue onesie with the moon emblem. Mr C was super chuffed to see him as he loves Baba Blue. His lovely soft body is perfect for snuggling up to at bedtime. An added bonus for us Mums is the fact that the little blue onesie is stitched to his body! I have lost count of the number of of times that we have mislaid clothing off toys and had to deal with a screaming child whilst we look for it. I love the fact that he is also a sensory toy, we love a good sensory toy in our house. There is the opportunity to practice tying skills with his little scarf, Velcro on his jacket, a lovely mirror on his tummy under the jacket, crinkly sound boots and bells in his shoes. The Baba Blue plush retails at £19.99, is suitable for age 18 months + and I think is a good price for a genuine licensed toy.
The Baba Yellow Beanie plush is the perfect size to drop into your changing bag to entertain your bored toddler. She is very visually appealing in her bright yellow sun dress and boots. She has a soft beanie body and a solid moulded head, her hair is all the colours of the rainbow. She is suitable for slightly older Cloudbabies fan ages 2 year + and priced at £7.99 it would make a lovely little additional birthday or Christmas gift.
I knew when I saw them both that Mr C would love them, and I wasn't wrong. He loves Baba Blue and had spent a lot of time playing with all the different sensory elements of him. He particularly loves the bells in his shoes, he says it makes him dance! Miss S has taken a shine to Baba Yellow, she really likes the visual appeal of her coloured hair. We will certainly be buying the rest of the collection, probably for Christmas :)
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*I was sent the above items FOC for the purposes of an open and honest review.

#Win some Vitamins for the whole family with Seven Seas

Since May we have been using some fab Haliborange vitamins with the children, you can have a read of our review here. The children really love them, they think they are getting a chewy sweet every morning and I am happy they are getting a little extra into them. With their rigid diets tits great to be able to give them a little boost.
The lovely people at Seven Seas would now like to offer you the chance to win some vitamins for the whole family. One winner will win all of the above vitamins to keep their family in tip top condition.
  • Haliborange Omega 3 Chewy Orange Fruit Bursts - Contains Omega DHA 3 which is a vital nutrient that can only be obtained from diet. Eating 250mg daily as part of a healthy lifestyle contributes to normal brain function.
  • Haliborange Multivitamin Strawberry Fruit Softies - Contains Vitamins A, B, C, D and E, which help support healthy eyes, contribute to the release of energy from food, supports the immune system, helps with the absorption of calcium and provides antioxidant protection of body tissues.
  • Seven Seas Perfect7 Woman - These have been scientifically designed to support skin & nails, hair, energy, brain, vision, heart and hormonal activity. 
  • Pure Cod Liver Oil - A blend of pure cod liver oil and omega 3 fish oil, plus A-Z vitamins including Vitamin B6 for energy and Vitamin C for energy
For your chance to win this bundle of vitamins for your family just use the raffelcopter below. Please read the terms and conditions before entry as all invalid entries WILL be REMOVED.
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  • This giveaway is open to UK & Ireland Residents Only
  • The first entry is mandatory and must be completed to validate your entry. All other entries are optional.
  • All entries will be validated before the draw and ALL invalid entries disqualified.
  • The winner will be chosen at random via the widget
  • The winner will be contacted within 3 days of the giveaway closing, they will then have 14 days in which to respond. If they do not respond within 14 days their win will become void and a new winner selected.
  • Your details will not be passed by me to any third parties.
  • The Company are responsible for sending the prize, this can take up to 28 days.
  • Any damaged/missing prizes are not my responsibility, but I will do my best to resolve with the   company.
  • The company reserves the right to substitute the prize for one of similar value in the event that the original not being available.
  • Only one entry per household/i.p address
  • Entries using software or automated process to make bulk entries will be disqualified.
  • This giveaway will close midnight Sunday 19th July 2015
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    Year 6 Activity Week

    Mr L is swiftly nearing the end of Year 6, to celebrate the end of SAT's and their move to high school his teachers arranged a fun activity week for the whole of year 6. I have know all about it for a few months and spent all that time preparing Mr L for it. The whole thing kicked off with a days fun and team building at school, followed by overnight camping. At first Mr L was having none of the idea of camping, but he slowly warmed to the idea and really wanted to do it. We packed all his kit up and sent him off to school expecting a call at around midday to say collect him after school as he changed his mind. The call never came, 4pm ticked by, then 5pm and still no phone call. I was astounded and a little proud, I was so sure he wouldn't cope. It got to 9pm and my phone went, he was ready to come home! He had made it through all the activities, as it was time to settle for the night he got panicky and wanted to come home. We only live round the corner from school so Dave ran round to get him, he was sleeping 5 minutes after he got in, so a sign of an enjoyable day. He is a boy of home comforts, so I didn't for a minute think he would camp out, but I am so proud he lasted as long as he did.

    The rest of the week was full of a activities, a different one each day at a different venue across Manchester. It was all about team building and working together and Mr L threw himself into each activity. He was full of chatter each night when we collected him, telling us all about his day and how much he enjoyed spending time with his friends.

    He loved the pond dipping, he was full of information about all the creatures he got out of the pond. He took part in canoeing, he's not a swimmer, so again I was unsure of how he would do on this day, but he loved it. He also did some raft building, which he loved. He loves anything with his hands and got stuck right in with the group. School have been great with him and pre arragend that he was a in a group with his most close friends. He was most looking forward to archery on the 3rd day, and he tells me he was really good at it! Conversations can be very few and far between with Mr L, so it has been lovely to hear him talk so animatedly about all the things he had been doing with his friends.
    The last activity of the week was a trip to Chill Factor for a spot of tubing, Mr L's TA told us he couldn't stop eating the fake snow all day! This is very typical for him, his PICA goes into overdrive when in a new surroundings. He really wants to go back to Chill Factor as he wants to learn to snowboard, so we are excited at the prospect of a new activity for him to do.
    This is the first year that school have done anything like this for the year 6 children, and I think its a wonderful idea. Mr L now has lots of special memories with all his primary school friends, and it gave us the chance to see him do things he wouldn't normally do.
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    The Big Bed Transition

    My 3 previous children although not great sleepers have always preferred their own beds, they like the space and comfort. With Mr C he turned 3 and got all clingy and has been in my bed nearly every night since, and we have let him. Not really out of choice but when you have 3 autistic children who don't sleep very well you don't need a 3 year old screaming the landing down as he doesn't want to be in his own bed! I am collaborating with Hello Home part of the Worlds Apart Family in getting Mr C into his own bed every night.

    Hello Home combines smart design with stylish touches and you'll find everything you need to create the bedroom of your dreams. Whether your looking for a toddler bed that softens the transition from cot, or a character bed with nigh time comfort, they offer a solution for every child and every budget. The character range is extensive including some of my children favourite Disney Princess, Disney Cars and Star Wars.

    When he was a baby Mr C had a travel cot downstairs and a full size cot upstairs, we totally skipped the Moses basket/crib stage. He was my 4th child and I learnt after my 2nd born that they Moses baskets/cribs are a waste of money as they aren't in them long enough, and there is no reason why they cannot go straight into a cot. He stayed in his cot until around 18 months, it was at this stage he was able to climb out of his cot, so it was safer to move him into a bed. We bought him a lovely little HelloHome Thomas the Tank toddler bed from World Apart, he was Thomas mad so it went down a storm. The range of toddler beds from Hello Home is immense, there is so much choice compared to when I got Mr C's, they even do a lovely little cream coloured on with a built in night light called the Starbright toddler bed.
    He was happy sleeping in this and went to bed at 7pm most nights, he would get up at around 5am and creep into our bed for cuddles. I didn't mind that too much as 5am its only 1 hour before the alarm clock goes off. His sleep issues started when he started Nursery in September, he was unsure of his new nursery and it seemed to unsettle him. He also started suffering from night terrors and we just got in the habit of letting him in our bed to quieten the house down again. 
    We decided after our holiday the end was nigh and it was high time he got used to his own bed again. He is 4 now and old enough to understand rules etc. He was in need of a new bed as he is a bit tall for his toddler bed now. Plus the pull of a new bed seemed like a good bit of bribery tack to get Mr C to stay in his bed. He is mad into Cars the movie so the Cars 2 Sleep Tight Single Bed(rrp from £169) seemed like a good way to go. The bed came completely flat pack (my worst nightmare) but from a glance of the instructions looked pretty straight forward to build.
    For a flat pack the instructions where crystal clear and it was really easy to decipher the individual items and identify the screws etc. All the screw hole where tidily marked and in the correct places, I have built so much flat pack where the screw holes where in the wrong place! The wood is all nicely painted and colour coordinated with the Cars theme of the bed. 
    It took myself and Dave 15 minutes to build the bed between us, quite impressive even for us two. The bed feels really sturdy and has 2 middle supporting legs as well as the ones either end. This offers great stability to the bed and supports the wooden slats nicely. There was a fair bit of dragging about on the laminate whilst we built the bed and I am impressed that none of the paint or wood scratched or chipped.
    The head and foot board have the lovely Cars design on, with Cody's favourite Lightning McQueen on, the rest of the bed is colour coded accordingly to. I love the look of the bed and Mr C loves it too! I also purchased him some matching bedding!
    The proof is always in the pudding when it comes to new beds! We have been preparing Mr C for the bed for a few weeks now, so he knew it was coming. We built the bed whilst he was at school and made a big deal on the way home telling him we had built it specially for him, how he was a big boy and he needs his own space in his big boy bed.
    He was in an excited frenzy by the time he got home and was eager to see it! He ran straight upstairs and was he loved it! He was insistent that he wanted to go to bed straight away. I told him he needed his tea and bath first and he reluctantly agreed. He normally goes to sleep around 7pm, but he was adamant at 6.30 he wanted to go to bed! I said OK and tucked him in.
    I didn't think he would last long, however I went up 10 minutes later and he sure enough was fast asleep. Maybe it was beginners luck, maybe not but he stayed all night, so I'm taking it as a small victory. I definitely think all the excitement and the build up to the bed coming helped. Mr C is over the moon with his bed and so are me and his Dad as we get our bed back!
    Thanks For Reading
    *I was sent the bed FOC for the purposes of review

    Spin Collective Wall Stickers

    We moved Mr L into his own room a fair few months ago, we painted the walls white to make it a blank canvas and left it at that. He isn't into to block colour, he said he finds it distracting. He has seen a few posters he would like for the walls, and he agreed to some removable wall vinyls. We have been sent 2 great items from Spin Collective to try out on Mr L's walls.
    I loved the font in the Name Letters 2 on the Spin Collective website, price is dependant on how many letters you require. In a choice of 20 colours and each letter an impressive 20cms each, it makes a good looking mural on a wall in his room. For Logan it would cost £20, now I have had a similar vinyl in the past for a fraction of the price, however here you are definitely paying for quality. You can feel the thickness of the vinyl and no matter how many times you reapply it doesn't lose sticky.
    The Comic Pow Splat Wall Stickers also £20 are set of 26 vinyl's each measuring between 15cm and 30cm each. They come spread over 2 sheets of paper, I found it easier to cut all them all out individually so I could position them whenever I wanted on the wall. Application of the vinyl's is really easy, see pictures below.
    It was definitely easier applying them individually, place the vinyl design side up and using the applicator tool smooth it over a few times to get rid of any air bubbles. Turn over and peel off the white paper backing, its then ready to apply to the wall. Make sure they surface is clean and dust free before putting into position, smooth over another few times once in place and peel off the clear top layer of film.
    These are just 2 of the huge range of vinyl stickers available from Spin Collective, they have stickers for every room in your home. They even offer a lovely range of tile wall stickers if you want to jazz up your kitchen or bathroom tiles with something a bit different. For the quality you get they are worth the cost, they get a big thumbs up from us.
    Thanks For Reading
    *I was sent the above 2 samples free of charge for the purpose of an honest review.

    My Chemist Direct Experience

    I was contacted and offered the chance to review the Chemist Direct Website, I had a look round and there where some great deals on offer. I was given a £50 code and set about ordering some toiletries and also some bits for our upcoming holiday.
    The layout of the website was good, it was easy to find the items that I wanted and there where some great bulk buy deals on offer. What really bugged me though is that when I added an item to my basket there is no option to carry on shopping and it took you to your basket every time. I am happy to say that since my order was placed the website has now been updated and you can click away adding what you need and carry on shopping without viewing the basket every time.
    I placed my order on May 8th and was told I would be kept updated on the progress of my order, I didn't foresee an issue as all the products I ordered where displayed as in stock.

    A long 10 days went by and I had heard nothing and received no updates, I then received and email saying 1 item was out of stock and my order was being withheld until the missing item arrived. The date for the missing item to arrive was given as May 20th. This date came and went and I checked online at my order progress and the order was still processing. I then got another email saying the item was still out of stock but would be in by May 24th. The same day I received a phone call from a customer service advisor, she was very apologetic about the delay in my order, but said the missing item would be in the next day and my order would be dispatched.

    I checked online the next day and the item was still out of stock, I needed some of the items in the order for my holiday on the 2nd June, so it was getting tight for time, plus I was getting a bit miffed that I had already waited 16 days! The item that was causing all the delays was the Intuition Razor that I had ordered. So I dropped them an email asking them the change the razor to a Quattro razor and also some quattro blades. I received a really quick response saying my order had been changed as requested and I would get an updated dispatch note. This came the next day and it was dispatched immediately, only problem being the new dispatch note stated only the razor had been swapped, not the blades. I immediately contacted them via email to tell them this was the case but received no response, I could of rang them but to be honest after all the messing about I didn't fancy speaking to anyone from the team, my parcel arrived the next day, a disappointing 21 days after my initial order.
    Johnsons Baby Shampoo - £1.89
    Gilette Mach 3 Blades - £6.59
    NelsonsTeething Granules - £3.99
    Theramed Toothpaste - £1 each
    Colgate 3 pack of Toothbrushes - £1.49 per pack
    Lansinoh Breast Pads - £2.59
    Nivea Lip Care - £3.99 BOGOF
    Steroplast First Aid Kit - £7.99
    Malibu Aftersun - £3.99 BOGOF
    Intuition Razor Blades - £6.49
    Johnsons 2in1 Wash - £1.69
    Quattro Razor - £5.79
    Right Guard Deodorant - £1.29 each
    My order came to £49.78, I did an online comparison with a well known grocery retailer and could get all the above items for a cost of £50.22. Honestly for the sake of a few pence I would in future stick with the grocery store. Chemist Direct where a big let down for me, my order took 21 days to arrive and I am now stuck with blades for a razor I don't own and no blades for the one that I ordered. Worth a mention is the email I sent stating the blades where incorrect still hasn't been responded to, so a big thumbs down here.
    Thanks For Reading
    *I was sent a £50 voucher in order to provide an honest review of the Chemist Direct Service 

    A to Z Magnatab from Great Gizmos

    We love a good sensory and educational toy in our household, having 3 children on the spectrum of varying need means any toy that offers a learning experience gets a thumbs up from us. We where recently sent a fabulous A to Z Magnatab from Great Gizmos for review.
    The A to Z Magnatab retails at £29.95 which for the function seems a tad expensive, but for special needs families like ours its a worthwhile investment. The Magnatab is available in upper case and lower case letters and suitable for ages 3+. It offers a great sensory experience for the user, you can feel the pull of the magnet as you move the pen around the letter. There is also the click you hear when the balls pop up to the top of the tab.
    The Magnatab can help develop fine motor skills, coordination and language skills. When a child uses sensory memory they better retain information, so it really offers a great all round learning experience. The tab comes with a little red pen, one end is used to attract the balls and fill the wholes in the letters, the other end is used to make the balls drop back down.
    I love the fact that the balls don't come out of the Magnatab, I can imagine the nightmare that would be my floor is Miss S could get her hands on them. She just loves to spread things about!!
    Miss S really seemed to like the Magnatab, she spent a while going over the letters and saying them out loud. She also really enjoyed shaking it up and down and she loved the sound it made when she shook it. Miss S attends a specialist autism school and a lot of focus is put on letter formation, so the Magnatab is a great piece to have at home. I like that at the side of the letters there is arrows showing you which way you should move the pen.
    I think the Magnatab is a great addition as a learning tool, and worth the £30 spend, especially if you have children with additional needs. Its definitely going to get a lot of use from all of the children in our house, even the older ones who struggle with poor grip.
    To see this and more in the Great Gizmo range just click the link above, there are some fab educational toys on offer.
    Thanks For Reading
    *I was sent the above item FOC for the purposes of an open and honest review.

    Starting Our Holiday The Right Way With BookFHR

    We get our break from caring once an year and we jet off to the sun for some ultimate relaxation and much needed respite. This year I was given an added treat thanks to BookFHR.com, who offer services such as airport parking, airport hotels, lounges, car rental, travel insurance and holiday taxis. They are a true one stop shop for all your travel needs and all at great prices.
    I headed over to their website and found it extremely easy to navigate, you choose the travel service you are looking for and then enter your dates and party details. 
    I found some great parking deals from just £38 per week, these prices are much cheaper than deals I have seen elsewhere for the same service.
    I also searched hotels and was offered the choice of 6 in the locality of the airport priced from £38 right up to £300 per night, so suitable for any budget.
    As we live so close to the airport I have no need for parking or accommodation so I headed straight to the airport lounges option. I was given the option of 2 lounges in Terminal One at Manchester Airport (lounges are available in all 3 terminals) At a cost of £19.99 per person the cost was the same for the Escape Lounge and the Apsire lounge. After a little research I found the Escape Lounge to be the better of the 2 lounges and selected this as my choice. You pay directly from the BookFHR website and are emailed a booking confirmation to show on the day.
    The whole transaction was really smooth and I will definitely use the service again for future travel arrangements. 
    On arrival at the lounge I handed over my lounge pass and was showed straight in. It was a lovely relaxed start to our trip. There where a selection of sandwiches, salad, pasta, cheese boards and whole host of beverages. There is also free wifi and plenty of plug sockets available, you can stay for up to 3 hours for your £20 entrance fee, when you measure that against the price of airport food and drink prices its more than worth it. Its really quite and relaxed and up above all the hustle and bustle of the busy airport terminal.

    Make sure you pop over to the BookFHR Website and take a look, you can also keep up to date with BookFHR on Facebook and Twitter.

    Thanks For Reading
    *I was provided with a voucher from BookFHR to try out their services.

    Mam Baby UK

    I have been a big fan of Mam Baby since Mr D was a tiny baby and still love it today. You may have seen the giveaway currently running in conjunction with Mam, they also sent me some goodies for Mr C and Miss S to try out.
    I have been a long time user of the Mam learn to drink cups. Even at 4 & 7 they still use them as it saves spills on my floor. Also Miss S is very clumsy and doesn't have a great grip so a lidded beaker is a must for her. 
    Available in 2 different sizes 150ml and 270ml, I opted for the larger priced at £5.99. The hard spout makes a easier transition to a normal cup. You have the option to have the cup as free flow or with the addition of the silicone valve it becomes spill proof. I love the moulded design as it makes holding the cup easier. The cup is available in 3 colourss pink, blue and yellow. It is also dishwasher safe. I love the bright designs, they are very visually appealingly.
    The sports beaker is more suitable for an older child with its more open lid that they suck the juice from. It also has a nice curved edge to it to make it easy for little hands to hold on to. Mr C loves the robots design!
    The sports cup holds 330mls of liquid and has the same valve as the learn to drink cup. This means you can have it free flow or spill proof. I like the latter as it really is spill proof, I have had lots of cups that claim to be spill proof but still leave a puddle when they tip. The cup is available in 3 colours, pink, blue and green and priced at £5.99.
    Out of the 2 cups the children both seem to prefer the sports cup. They are all lovely bright colours with funky characters on the front. I think also for Miss S she liked that she didn't have to work to hard to get a drink out, of course without the valve the cups are free flow.
    I was also sent a pack of the Learn To Brush Sets priced at £6.50. In the pack you get 2 brushes and a brush guard. The longer brush is perfect for first brushing as it allows you and baby to hold the brush. The plastic shield can be attached to either brush, its perfect for independant brushing as it stops them putting the brush to far into their mouth. I have lost count of the amount of times my little ones ahve done this. Once they have the hang of brushing they can have the smaller brush, with its curved handle and ergonomic grips its perfect for little hands.
    To see these and the rest of the range just click on any of the links above to see the Mam Store. You can find everything from bottle to soothers for your child at every stage.
    Thanks For Reading
    *I was sent the above items FOC for the purposes of review

    Degustabox May

    It doesn't seem like a month ago that I got my last Degustabox, but it was sent a few days early due to the bank holiday weekend. It was a jam packed box again with 10 different items inside.
    Kids coco juice with banana priced at 80p per carton. My children are big juice fans and Mr D really enjoyed this juice drink.
    Sarsons balsamic vinegar priced at £2 per bottle. I am familiar with their usual vinegar but was unaware they did balsamic also. This will be great for summer salads.
    Sweet Baby Rays BBQ Sauce priced at £2.99. This is a lovely rich smelling bbq sauce and a top favourite in our house. We will definitely buy it again
    We are big fans of the So Maggi range and was excited to see these new stir fry range. Priced at £1.49 they are a great meal option that you just add chicken, peppers and onion to.
    Schwartz Marinade in a bag priced at £2.19. It's perfect for the bbq season, I love the no mess concept, pop your meat in the sealed bag and marinade. When your meat is ready chuck the bag away.
    Slim Pasta priced at £2.49 is a product I have heard a lot about. I got the lasagne sheets and can't wait to try them.
    Fuel 10k priced at £2.68 is a product for Mr RTR. He is always on the lookout for a breakfast product to see him through till lunch.
    9 Bar Fruity priced at £2 are a healthy snack bar packed with seeds. They are not for me, but Mr RTR is a huge fan as the are packed with good stuff.
    Daelmans Caramel Stroopwafels priced at £2. These are the perfect accompaniment to a cappuccino, and I love them.
    Would you like to try a Degustabox ? They are priced at £12.99 but by using TTIMB code you can get £3 off your very first box. Check out the Degustabox Website to see how to sign up.
    Thanks For Reading 
    * I was sent a Degustabox FOC for the purpose of an open honest review.

    Guest Post from Ickle Pickle - Travelling By Car With a Toddler

    I am two and a half years old, and I have my own blog over at IcklePicklesLife
    I travel with Mummy and my brother and sister quite bit, so would like to share some of my travel tips with you.
    1. Start your journey, if you can, within my normal routine. As in, after breakfast, lunch or dinner. In the morning I will be wide awake, and happy to play some games, but after lunch I will probably feel sleepy. If you are travelling after dinner, you might want to wait until me bedtime, so I will fall asleep (hopefully!)
    2. I will know that we are doing something differently, so will be excited, and may act a bit differently too.
    3. I like simple Eye Spy – Mummy asks me if I can see a tree, or the sheep, or a birdie.
    4.  I LOVE stickers. They keep me very happy for quite a while! Mummy gives me a little book to put them in too.
    5. Mummy has a baking tray, which fits perfectly on my knee in my car seat, and keeps everything from falling off.
    6. I will need a drink, my favourite snacks, my dummy, my sheety – the things I love, so Mummy makes sure they are all in a bag near me, that my bro or sis can reach.
    7.  Take some spares of the above too!
    8. Mummy always makes a stop (or two) depending on how far we are travelling, and we all get out to stretch our legs.
    9. Chunky colouring crayons and a new colouring book make me happy! The crayons won’t snap or wear away.
    10. If all else fails, a new little surprise will keep me busy – even a toy I have that I haven’t seen for a while!
    Happy travelling – do you have any tips to share?
    I would love you to pop over to my blog and say Hi!
    Ickle Pickle x

    The Great Gizmos Nici Range

    Its getting to that time of the year where the summer holidays are speeding towards us at full speed, 6 long weeks of sun (hopefully) and fun. With the holidays also comes thoughts of the back to school shop and getting all the essentials that the children will need for this. Luckily for me the Nici range from Great Gizmos has given me a head start with some of their back to school items.
    The Sloth Plush Backpack is priced at £20.89 and is adorable. It doesn't have lots and lots of room for school items. But it is perfect for Mr C to take to Reception in September, there is plenty of room for his school book and a spare pair of trousers and pants. The straps are adjustable and the material is really soft and cuddly.
    The Sloth Plush Pouch which is priced at £13.49 is the perfect accompaniment for the sloth backpack. Its really soft and silky and there is plenty of space inside for all your child's stationery. The main compartment closes with a zip and the flip over flap has a place to store addition pencils in the elasticated holder.
    We love the Kangaroo Colouring Set priced at £7.99. which contains 12 colouring pencils. They are a bit special though as the pencils are double ended, so really you get 24 colours in the set. Mr C loved being able to get 2 colours off each pencil.
    Inside our pencil case there was a set of wildlife scissors. The first thing I would say about these is that they are extremely sharp, so more suitable for older children. The moulded grip is very comfortable to hold and the design n the blades is of wildlife.
    Mr C loved the whole range, he loves animals so the Nici range is perfect for him. I don't think the pencils will make it into his school bag in September as he hasn't stopped colouring since he got them!
    *I was sent the above samples FOC for the purpose of an honest review

    Briar Beauty Spring Unsprung Doll

    Did you see my Lizzie Heart review last week? I told you to stay tuned for another Ever After High review soon, and here it is.
    For anyone who missed it Ever After High is where the sons and daughters of famous fairytales decide whether or not to follow in their parents fabled footsteps.
    Briar Beauty is the daughter of Sleeping Beauty, she knows that she is destined for a 100 years sleep. So she wants to make each moment before count. Briar Beauty is priced at £25.99 available from Mattel. Due to small removable parts she is suitable for ages 6 and over only.
    Just like the other Ever After High dolls she has her own personal accessories. A beautiful bracelet, stunning floral headdress, long black lacy boots and a pink ornate choker. Her outfit is lovely and she has a long floral train on the back of her skirt. Her hair has stunning pink and turquoise streaks in and it really makes her stand out. All her limbs are fully poseable and accessories removable. She comes with a handbag, hairbrush and a ring for you to wear. Briar also comes with a stand that you can display her on when your not playing with her.
    Again Miss K was my chief tester for the day. She said Briar was very pretty and she liked her pink and blue hair. She loved the big silver ring for her to wear. The doll is very visually stimulating thanks to her bright colours. Miss K also loved her pretty dress and its long soft flowing skirt, she enjoyed pulling it through her fingers. Briar has made a lovely addition to Miss S's Ever After High collection and I know I will be adding to it. Miss S doesn't play with toys in a traditional way, due to her autism. She enjoys toys that offer visual and tactile stimulation and with the bright colours and varied materials they fit the bill perfectly.
    Thanks For Reading 
    *I was sent the above item FOC for the purpose of review
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