The #SlimFastChallenge

For the past 2 weeks I have been taking part in the SlimFast challenge, and a challenge it has been!!
I'm not the worlds best 'dieter' and as soon as you put the word diet on something I revolt against it. But I have tried my best with this plan and succeeded in completing the whole 2 weeks.
I have been doing the 321 plan with SlimFast. A shake for breakfast, a bar for lunch, a 600 calorie dinner and 3 snacks. Now I don't eat a lot of food, my problem  is I eat at the wrong times and eat all the wrong foods. My initial thoughts where that the plan would help me get into the swing of eating frequently and at regular times. I usually skip breakfast and sometimes lunch, this leads to a large dinner and lots of snacking after dinner.
In have really struggled staying on track and have strayed off plan a few times. Miraculously I still managed a loss both weeks, more about that at the end of the post.
I enjoyed the milkshakes, I wasn't expecting them to be so thick and creamy. Even the powdered chocolate shake. You have to use skimmed milk and even then it's still creamy. There are some lovely flavours available, some are incredibly sweet, especially strawberry. It wasn't a problem for me though as I have a sweet tooth, others may find them too sweet for their taste. My favourite is definitely the banana.
The snack bar option was ideal for me to chuck into my bag, there are times when I am straight out after school run. This means I either miss lunch or end up grabbing a sandwich whilst I'm out, the fat content of food on the go isn't the greatest! I got 3 types of bar chocolate crunch, chocolate peanut and summer berry, I found the summer berry to have an odd taste to it and really didn't like it. My favourite was the chocolate peanut bar.
As part of the plan you are allowed 3 snacks, these can be SlimFast snacks, or snacks of your own that are less than 100 calories. I have been having 1 snack between breakfast and lunch and saving the other 2 for an after tea snack. After tea and before bed is a big trigger for me and the snacks have really helped with that.
The first week of the trial I managed a 4lb loss, that included straying from plan twice, the second week I had a loss of 2lbs. I found it incredibly difficult the second week as the food just got to samey for me. The other problem I had with the plan is that I didn't feel like I was eating enough to sustain myself. The calorie content is all there, but its just not real food (apart from your evening meal), so I felt I was depriving myself. If I was to continue with this plan I would cost me around £25 a week to buy all the meal replacement items, thats on top of my normal food bill. With a bit of time and meal planning I could probably construct a plan that fits within my normal shopping budget and it would be 3 full meals a day and not meal replacement. The SlimFast plan just isn't cost effective for me, it has however made me realise what I eat, how much I eat and what times I should eat. For an easy alternative its really great, its all there apart from your evening meal, so I can see the positives and negatives of the plan.
Thanks For Reading

*I was sent 2 weeks worth of the plan FOC for the purposes of an open honest review.
  1. I'm on week three of a weight loss plan and it's all going wrong! My motivation is flaky and I keep going for sweet treats. Good luck!

  2. I find slim fast too gloopy and too samey, I quit and I just eat healthy now which as made a huge difference in how I feel and have still lost a good amount of weight!


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