The Official Diagnosis In Writing

It was way back in December when I was  told that Mr D had Aspergers and informed there would be a long wait for his diagnosis in writing. Yesterday the day finally came and it dropped through my letter box. I thought the appointment back in December was hard enough but actually seeing it written in black and white is so much harder. Seeing all your child's issues listed on a sheet of paper, things they find hard etc, nothing positive.....
I know there isn't anything positive on SCAIT reports that's the point of them, but it doesn't make easy reading. It makes you want to scribble all over it with pen listing all his good points for all the flaws they point out!

In the 5 months since his diagnosis not much has changed for Mr D, he still struggles at school, although he has some extra help at school which is definitely helping a little. I truly believe he requires a 1 on 1 to prevent him from slipping even further behind. Unfortunately the school want to take a wait and see approach as he is only borderline slipping behind. I am aware though that with Year 4 comes more work, more pressure and Mr D doesn't react well to this. I am fully prepared to battle for what he needs if it comes to it, I have been here twice before and its nothing new, I will fight to the ends of the earth to get EVERYTHING that my children need.

We completed a 10 week behaviour management course which gave us some amazing techniques to help with his sometimes irrational behaviour. Its been a steep learning curve with Mr D as his behaviour is so much more erratic than his siblings. But he has his lovely calming moments when he is just content laying on the coach giving his Mumma a snuggle. I have definitely noticed he loves his one on one time so we make a point of taking him out alone regularly. He opens up when alone and tells us the things that bother him. He is quite sensitive I have noticed and really take things other say to him to heart. He doesn't quite get friendships like other children and prefers the company of girls, I think they are more understanding of him.

We are very open with Mr D and as soon as we got his diagnosis we explained it to him. I'm not sure he fully understand what it means, but he knows he acts a little differently to others. He often says does it mean hes not normal! I always say to him, Whats normal? and who likes normal anyway! Be unique, Be Yourself.
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  1. my sister is going to a meeting today to get an official diagnosis for her son for aspergers too. it's been a long few years for her, and she is also wanting the school to get a 1 to 1 helper, but they wouldn't do it until he has got his official diagnosis.


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