So Proud of Mr L

Since Mr L started year 6 in September its all been about SAT's and the build up, preparations, and practice. It has been horrendous and he hasn't coped at all. I have written before about Mr L's issues on school this year and they all boiled down to stressing about SAT's, so we have been dreading SAT's week.

Well they have been and gone and they went without a single glitch! He even commented saying that they where easy! Time will tell just how easy they where when he gets his results. I think as we had so many meetings before hand and the fact that everything was in place for him helped majorly. He did his tests in a room by himself and was able to take a 5 minute break each half hour. He wasn't allowed out of the room but could just put his pen down and take a break. His regular TA was in the room with him which will have been massively calming for him, they have a great bond.

Now its all over its time to focus on the next transition for him which is into high school. We didn't get the placement we wanted for him, but he is eager to go and that is what counts. He will be in a mainstream setting with full support, he will have break and lunchtimes in the resource provision. He will also have a pass to get out of class when things get too much for him. He also has the option of going to lesson either before everyone or after everyone so things are a bit quieter and settled. He has a series of transition appointments starting from the first week in June. They are at all different times over 6 weeks to give him the opportunity to experience different parts of the school day. He has been over to meet the school Senco and had a little look around the canteen. I think he is just looking forward to having the fab lunch selection that is available!

Sometimes in life a situation occurs and you wonder what all the fuss was about. As a parent this happens frequently and none more so than the last 8 months of stress and anxiety we have all been through. Which now turns out was completely unnecessary as he sailed through. He is excitedly looking forward to the next chapter, whatever it brings.....
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  1. Ahh My girl was going through this, this time last year and I was worried but there was nothing at all to worry about. I wasted so much energy stressing. lol Good luck for the next few months! I hope the transition goes well x

  2. Glad that the sats went well. They do annoy me as I don't think they help and children are trained to the test and not educated in some instances. That said they do seem to be here to stay so they need to cope with them.

  3. That's great news! My son has just done his SATs too and was stressed about it in advance.
    It sounds like your son's secondary school is really doing the best for him and I hope the transition goes well.
    Popping over from SS Amazing Achievements.

  4. That's brilliant, I'm so pleased that the exams went well. My 8yo has more exams this week and he is taking them in his stride after initial worries, which is a huge relief so I can imagine how relieved you must be x #SSAA

  5. I'm so glad he sailed through that must be such a relief for both of you. Its a shame thee was all the stress beforehand, such is life I suppose. It sounds like he has a big step coming soon. I hope it all goes well, it sounds like they have put some good things in place for him.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)


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