New Clothes for the Xbox One

We are a family of tech heads and gamers so the house is overflowing with all types of technology. So when Wrappz contacted me with a review opportunity it was really tough to decide what I was going to spend my £20 voucher on.
Wrappz offer skins & cases for your devices, Wall Art and personalised gifts, I knew that I definitely wanted a skin for one of our devices and Mr RTR and his Xbox One earned the make over crown.
The design process was really simple, there are options to add your own images, own text and add a background colour. Mr RTR decided to go against designing his own skin and delved in the many images available on the Wrappz website. There are designs featuring cartoons, animals, slogans and even funny faces.
Once he had decided on the image you simple click on the part of the design you want to image to go on and it adds it. It then brings up the image editor so you can make it larger, smaller or rotate it, you even have the option to put a different image on each part of the console. Mr RTR loved the music based images being a DJ and producer it was right up his street.
The skins take just 48 hours to be dispatched and in all we waited 5 days from the moment we ordered to the moment it arrived in the post. The Mr was really impressed with the quality of the skin its 3m patented removable vinyl. It contains micro channels to prevent air bubbles during application, he removed and reapplied a few times to get the jist of the reusable element and it went on and off perfectly at all times.
It looks amazing to and has given his Xbox One a whole new lease of life, Mr RTR even commented on how easy the control pad skins went on, even around the buttons. He was a little disappointed that there wasn't a skin for his kinnect. But as this is classed as an add-on to the console not many places make skins for them. 
You can see from the close up picture just how good of a fit the skin is, its covers everywhere it needs to without leaving unsightly gaps. It feels really nice to and is well worth the £20 cost, Fathers Day is just around the corner and it would make a great gift for any gamer Daddy's out there.
Pop on over to the website and take a look at the other designs available, you are bound to find one you love. They get a big thumbs up from us!
*I was sent a voucher to cover the cost of the product for the purposes of an honest review.

  1. Looks great - have never seen this before!



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