Mr C and the pediatrician appointment

Mr C started Nursery back in September last year, it was apparent from day 1 he had some issues settling. He was very awkward around the other children, didn't like being in groups and didn't utter a single word whilst in school.
At home he was a completely different child, we literally can not shut him up and he is his normal bubbly self. He is a little shy in new settings and doesn't particularly like busy places but nothing out of the ordinary for a 4 year old.
The main reason for a referral was his behaviours at school, they have the concerns, so I agreed to them referring as I know its a simple ADOS test to discover if he is indeed on the spectrum.

The referral went ahead and we got a letter saying there is a 6 month waiting list and we would get an appointment in due course. On Thursday we got a phone call saying a cancellation appointment was available for the next day if we would like to take it.

I have been here before so knew what to expect from the appointment. We discussed the issues raised by school and any issues we have, she also had a little chat with Mr C.
The outcome of the appointment for me was a happy one after months of concern. The Doctor told me that Mr C is the least autistic child she has seen. She is confident that the concerns school have although present are not linked to autism. The way she described him was a very quiet intelligent little boy. She also said she would feed back to school and do a follow up appointment after Mr C starts reception in September to see if the schools concerns are still present. If they are then she will consider going into school and observing him and taking things from there.

I am feeling a very relived Mama, a diagnosis wouldn't have made a difference to us as a family unit as there are 3 other children diagnosed. But it is a lovely feeling to go and see a medical professional and hear good news for a change.
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  1. Maggie Lee-Roberts10 May 2015 at 19:31

    How lovely to get some good news. I tried to "heart", but wouldn't work.


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