Moustache Smash from Spin Master Games

We love a fun game to play as a family and Moustache Smash from Spin Master Games looked right up our street. A game for 3 - 6 players and aimed at ages 7+, its an action packed game that requires a good eye and lightning quick reactions. Its fab for building concentration, observation and hand eye coordination skills.
Inside the box you get 6 moustaches and a deck of cards, the cards are pictures of different colours and shapes of moustaches.
It's really simple to play, choose a moustache and shuffle the deck of cards.  You then take it in turns to deal a card face up. If the moustache matches the shape or colour of your moustache you can stache it. The person who gets there first wins the cards in the pile. There also 2 power cards in the deck 'moustache pass' which is when you swap moustaches with the person next to you and 'moustache smash' which is simply whoever gets there first wins. You play till there is no cards in the dealing pile left and the winner is the one with the most cards.
The boys loved playing and got really competitive about getting in there first. It states ages 6+ but my 4 year old had no problem participating in the fun. It really is fun for all ages even myself and Dave loved it. There where lots of giggle and a few squabbles as to who got to the pile of cards first!
The it came time to count up the cards and see who won, and the victor was Mr D, much to his delight. We have played the game countless times now since we got it and its gone down a treat and became a firm family favourite. This is the first Spinmaster game we have tried but it certainly wont be our last.
The games retail price is £14.99 but you can get right now from Amazon and Argos for a fraction of the price.
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*We where sent the game free of charge for an open and honest review.
  1. Looks a good fun game!


  2. This looks like a lot of fun! Great game for everyone to play!

  3. Looks like brilliant silliness!


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