Lizzie Heart Playset

Springtime is an epic time to start a new chapter at Ever After High and straight from the new release Spring Unsprung, it also means the start of a new season for the Spring Fairest. A spellebration of renewal and creativity of the changing of winter into Spring! Each year, a fableous fair is raised at Ever After High, where the girls get to shown off their most spellbinding outfits. Follow the teenage sons and daughters of famous fairytale and see whether or not they follow in their parents fabled footsteps.
We have been sent The Lizzie Heart playset priced at £46.99 available from Mattel. Lizzie is the daughter of the Queen of Hearts and she likes to embrace her pre written life. From the outside the set looks like a boom and even have a bookmark hanging over the side.
When you open up the book you are inside Lizzie's dorm room in its black and red splendour. Lizzie comes with some great accessories, a lovely ring for you to wear, a handbag, a jewellery box and a of course a queen of hearts card deck. There is a mirror and a pull out table, the walls are all decorated. There is a clamp for Lizzie to click into for storage.
Lizzie herself is exceptionally stylish with her gold cuff, red funky boots and ornate choker necklace. She is instantly recognisable due to the red heart around her left eye.
Miss K put the playset through its paces, as Miss S was at school and the box caught her eye. The set is aimed at 6+ which is due to the small parts. It's visually appealing and Miss K was happy to play for ages with it. All the dolls limbs are fully possible and her accessories removable. Miss K loves the big red rose ring and brushing Lizzie's shiny hair. It's a great sensory toy due to all the different colours and different textures of the clothing and accessories. So I know Miss S will also love playing with Lizzie to. Make sure you keep your eyes on the blog next week for another fab Ever After High review.
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*I was sent the above item FOC for the purpose of an open and honest review 

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