I can't get no sleep

This picture sums up my life as an autism parent right at this very moment! For Miss S sleep has always been a huge issues. Even as a baby she just never seemed tired and has the complete inability to switch off. The past few weeks have been a blur of late nights, early mornings and listening to Miss S recite the script of surprise egg videos! Anyone whose children love the videos will know my pain.

Having been on Melatonin for about 18 months we took her off it completely around a year ago. It just wasn't working for her so it seemed pointless to give it to her. She has been back on it for about 3 months now, we felt we had no choice after a stint of 4 days straight of no sleep at all, I'm not exaggerating either she didn't sleep a single bit in 4 whole days. An emergency appointment later and we left with Melatonin again, that night she slept like she had never slept before and actually didn't wake until lunch the next day. The worst thing about her not sleeping is that she has the complete inability to cope with anything as she is soo tired.

Unfortunately she now seems to be immune to the effects of it again and we are experiencing the no sleep stand off again! The above picture was us at 3am this morning, as I write this I still haven't slept, I am passed the point of being tired now. Miss S who also hasn't slept all day is in bed and been asleep since 8pm, I am keeping everything crossed that's how she stays for the night.

I used to work in Manchester Airport and work long long hours so I never thought sleep deprivation would be a problem. It never really has been, but at the moment I'm really suffering, a bit like Skye I have the complete inability to cope with anything. I'm so tired, so emotional, so snappy, I just feel like total crap. I'm trying to soldier through as I know in just 12 days time we get our annual week long respite. Thanks to my wonderful family who step in and come to my house for a whole week and stay with the children, so myself and Dave get to go away for much needed rest and relaxation. By the 3rd day I am usually feeling guilty about wanting and needing a break, I don't think that will be the case this time. Its soo challenging bringing up children with additional needs and we DO deserve this break and I intend to take full advantage of it, thanks only to my wonderful family.
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