Having Fun with Plasticine

This weekend we have been having some fun with Plasticine kindly sent to us from Flair, we love Plasticine and play dough as it helps develop the childrens motor skills. There are lots of things you can do to improve different areas of coordination. Making balls and rolling in between both palms will develop bilateral coordination. Poking holes into the middle of balls of Plasticine is great for fine motor skills as it is great for getting both hands working together in a coordination. Aside from these exercises we love to make models so we got busy making and creating which is great fun.
We were sent to help with our modelling fun
  • Plasticine 24 Colour Max £2.99
  • Plasticine Fluro £1.99
  • Plasticine BaSix 99p
  • Plasticine FunTubulous £6.99
  • Plasticine Tennage Mutant Ninja Turtles Squidgems 
Mr D was instantly attracted to the Ninja turtles model and took no time at all to get it out of the bag and get building. I really liked that it came with little cardboard additions to add to the model. It took him no time at all to construct his arms and legs and he loved it.
I love it when the children play with Plasticine as it is the only time I get to sit with them and see their ability to concentrate and be creative with their hands. The funtubulous went down well with Mr C he liked the little cookie cutter shapes inside. Now Mr C is only 4 but he was easily able to pull chunks of Plasticine off the blocks and mold it how he liked, it has a nice texture and isn't to tough.
I love that inside each pack is an instructional leaflet with creations ideas on, Mr D had a go at making the Ladybug off one of the leaflets. What I also liked is is has a pleasant smell and not the funny smell that play dough has to it, Mr L wont go near play dough due the smell and texture but he happily played with the Plasticine. It was nice to see the children all sat doing something together, they enjoyed making their creations.
The Plasticine gets a big thumbs up from my brood and you cant go wrong with prices starting from as little as £1, perfect for pocket money items. All are available via the links above on the Flair Website.
* I was sent the above items free of charge for an honest review.

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