Haliborange Vitamins For Children

I was recently sent some vitamins from Haliborange to try out, Haliborange is a leading childrens healthcare. They offer a range of supplements specifically aimed at children and tailored to support a healthy diet. They know how hard it can be a challenge getting our little ones to eat a healthy and balanced diet. This is definitely the case for our family, having children who have autism and food issues means we constantly worry about their food intake and how balanced it is.
This is especially true for Mr L and Miss S who both have very limited diets, Miss S only eats beige foods, so fruit and vegetables are especially hard to get into her, she also doesn't like sloppy food. I am always open to new ways of getting a little extra into them, so was willing to give some vitamins a try.
I knew the Mr Men & Little Miss strawberry softies would go down well with my younger 2, they look and smell just like soft sweets. A definite plus point when getting them into small children who love a sweet or two! I loved the smell of them to when I took the lid off they smelt like strawberry milkshake. They contain calcium and vitamin D to support healthy development of teeth and bones and are aimed at children aged 3 - 7 years. Just one softie a day is recommended and Haliborange say that even adults who like the taste of them are encouraged to take one a day. Mr C was the first to put them to the test for me and without hesitation he popped it in his mouth. He ate it no problem and said it was delicious. He has taken them every day for 10 days now and is happy ot take them and I feel a little reassured he is getting something that is good for him. A jar costs £3.99 and contains 30 softies.
For the older 2 boys I was sent the Kids Omega 3 Blackcurrant, which have been specially formulated to maintain healthy brain function. Each chewable capsule contains 200mg of Omega 3 DHA, a vital nutrient that can only be obtained from a healthy diet. Research shows that eating 250mg DHA daily contributes to normal brain function. The capsule also contain vitamins A, C, D and E which maintain healthy bones, skin, eyes and immune system. The capsules are aimed at ages 3-12yrs and are more like a traditional vitamin in the capsule format. They are chewy though and have a nice blackcurrant fruit burst when you chew them. Mr L is 11 and getting ready for his SAT;s so brain function is important. As you can see he gave them a big thumbs up and seems to enjoy them. You can get a jar of 30 capsules for just £4.39 which is a months supply.
Miss S took a particular shine to the books that we got with them, she claimed them as her own. So all in all my entire brood got some enjoyment out of our Haliborange parcel. We will definitely continue to purchase these when I supply runs out. We have tried many other vitamins and the children didn't like the taste or texture and they have been taking these daily for 10 days and are happy to. My children have such rigid diets so I am pleased to have finally found something a little extra that they will all take happily. For more information, news and FAQs check out the Haliborange Website.

Thanks For Reading
*I was sent the above items free of charge for an open and honest review.
  1. oh wow, I need these for my 3 and 4 yr olds, they seem to have really rubbish immune systems ...worried I'd have to deal with tantrums though when they find out it's only 1 a day!

  2. I like the softies - my daughter is really picky so these extra vitamins are very good.


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