Half Term Hell Courtesy Of Miss S

I feel as if I am going a little bit crazy right now! Its only been 2 full days of the half term holidays and I am more than ready for my little madame to go back to school!
She is not a happy bunny, and she is letting us all know about it. 
The first casualty was my beloved HP chromebook. Whilst in a rage, about what I don't know as she couldn't tell me, she unexpectedly picked it up and threw it across the room. The screen is completely shattered and its the only piece of tech in the whole house that isn't covered by the insurance! 
The second casualty was the poor Tivo remote, again caused by her raging, she threw it across the room and it fell to pieces. Its clicked back together but the red light is constantly on and not all the buttons work.
The third casualty is my beautiful new wallpaper in the hallway, it has already taken a few beating from her, but I have  been able to patch them up. No such luck this time, she has done a right number on it and torn a big piece off the main wall.
The fourth, fifth and sixth casualties are here poor brothers. They have been kicked, pushed, pinched and screamed at and I think they have had enough! 
I can't say I blame them to be honest, she has been hard work. Mr D said to me today " Can't she just go live somewhere else" 
The trouble with Miss S is she isn't in to co operative play and is very much own agenda. This makes entertaining her very difficult. In all honesty I think she is bored, but doesn't want me to do anything to relieve her boredom. 
Thankfully her school are only off for one week and not two so she is back in school on Monday. I fond out last week that her short breaks funding has been approved for this year, so I am going to get her into a provision over the summer holidays to make things a little easier for her. She gets herself so frustrated that she gets tired from it all. The only bonus of this is it means she sleeps better at night!
We are just riding the rapids of her moods as best we can, whilst trying to protect the boys from her backlash, she is keeping us on out toes that's for sure. I am focusing on the fact that in 6 days time myself and Dave fly off to Lanzarote for our annual week long respite holiday. We always book it in for the week after whit holidays, its usually needed after the carnage of half term.
No more so than this year!!
Thanks For Reading
  1. Gosh, what to say? And I thought my squabbling kids were hard! Have a lovely time on your holiday next week.

  2. thanks for posting this, my daughter is thought to be on the spectrum, but were at the early stages at the moment she is only 4 xx


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